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Are Your Ducks in a Row?

October 16-22 is National Estate Planning Awareness Week, and it’s estimated that more than 120 million Americans don’t have proper plans in place to protect themselves or their families in the face of an unexpected life or health event. Learn how you can make decisions now that help fulfill your wishes with AETN Foundation’s Karen Cooper and how you can request a free estate planning booklet today.

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Join AETN at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

This year, we’re proud to have both AETN-original and PBS productions selected for screening at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (HSDFF) and to partner with the nation’s oldest documentary film festival for the Emerging Filmmakers Program! Read on to learn how you can see special screenings of “Dream Land: Little Rock’s West 9th Street;” “Student Selects: A Young Filmmakers Showcase” pieces; upcoming PBS Feature “Tell Them We Are Rising” from Stanley Nelson; upcoming POV feature “Bill Nye: Science Guy;” and more Oct. 9-14.

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AETN Production: Behind the Scenes With Hunter Sanders

I’m Hunter Sanders, a senior at the University of Central Arkansas, and, if you’re reading this, you must have an interest in the behind the scenes work that goes on at AETN. My hope is that, through this blog series, I can show you what the life of an AETN Production intern looks like, while also giving you a glimpse of how everything is produced before you see it on your screen.

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Bridging the Generational Gap: From Veterans to Youth

How do you connect with people from other generations? I’m Sara Gardner, a senior at Fayetteville High School, and I truly believe that we must promote and nurture patriotic engagement in our country. From firsthand experience, I believe that addressing the interaction between generations is up to young people, and that we can do so by choosing to connect with veterans through volunteering.

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Guest Blog – The AETN Foundation New Member Challenge

I’m Dr. Lynne Rich, AETN Foundation Board chair, and I’m very pleased make an exciting announcement. The Windgate Foundation has committed $100,000 to the AETN Foundation as a challenge to public television viewers: if 7,500 new donors join the AETN family by June 30, 2018, $100,000 will go to support the programs we all love. Read more to find out why I support AETN and how you can get involved.

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In Case You Missed It

Arkansas Week October 20, 2017

(Highways) If not a slice of the biggest pie, then which pie? (Hi-tech) The Arkansas capitol to Amazon, never mind. (HTC) A different sort of business, and the rush to for potential riches. (Health?) But first, if confusion reigns in Washington, can it be avoided here?

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Arkansas Week October 13, 2017

(ADC) A spike in inmate violence and inmate deaths, and the prison director's response. (ACA) Obamacare and Arkansas, what will an executive order change? (EPA) The 'War on Coal', was it already over? (DJT) And the president, how much of the right does he still command, and where?

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Barnes and... A Conversation With Col. Karen Lloyd

Steve Barnes visits with retired Col. Karen D. Lloyd, director of the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. She oversees the direction of activities of the Library of Congress to ensure the collection, preservation and accessibility of the personal testimonies of American war veterans.

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Arkansas Week October 6, 2017

(GIF) The state Supreme Court on dollars for districts, No. (Griffen) A circuit judge to the Supreme Court on capital cases,  Yes. (Financials) The Arkansas economy, as measured by the Arkansas treasury… (Guns) …and, after Las Vegas, has the political climate in Arkansas and American changed?

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Exploring Arkansas October 2017

Ozark Campground Swimmin' Hole, Beekeeping, Ozark Hellbender Salamander, Silver Bridge Swimmin' Hole

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In association with the broadcast of Ken Burns's "The Vietnam War," AETN is proud to recognize Arkansas Vietnam Veterans by supporting local organizations and hosting a variety of community outreach events.

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