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AETN Transmitters & Coverage Areas

Graphic of the State of Arkansas with Transmitters Placed Around the State

From Network Master Control in Conway, AETN distributes a program of educational and general audience offerings that is broadcast on all citizens of Arkansas. The network's broadcast and production center occupies a building of approximately 69,500 square feet, situated on the southeast corner of the University of Central Arkansas campus at Donaghey Avenue and Powell Street in Conway on land leased from the university. Audio and video signals are carried from the R. Lee Reaves Center for Educational Telecommunications in Conway via AETN's own microwave interconnection relay system to the six broadcasting transmitters.  Over-the-air viewers as well as nearly all subscribers to cable or satellite services receive the AETN signal sent from the broadcast facilities in Conway through twelve microwave interconnection sites to one of these six transmitters.  Only subscribers to Conway Corporation cable and AT&T U-verse in Little Rock currently receive a direct feed from AETN.

AETN's transmitters are:

All transmitters broadcast stereo audio. AETN's primary program signal (AETN-1) provides Descriptive Video on selected programs for those who are blind and visually-impaired. AETN-4 (audio-only) delivers the Arkansas Information Reading Service for the Blind (AIRSB) with the reading of local and national newspapers, magazines and books for those who are blind or are visually-impaired. Virtually all programs broadcast on AETN are also closed captioned for the deaf or hearing impaired. AETN-1 is broadcast in 720p, 16x9 HD format while AETN-2 and AETN-3 are seen in 4x3 SD format.