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AETN Original Productions Earn Mid-America EMMY Nominations

Posted on 15 Aug 2014

“Champion Trees” — which explored the stories largest trees of their species in Arkansas and their communities and caretakers — was nominated in three categories, “Best Cultural Documentary,” “Cinematography,” and “Post Production.” “LOUPE” — which spotlights the arts and Arkansas and the careers of Arkansas artists — earned its Mid-America EMMY nomination in the “Arts & Entertainment Program Special.”

The Mid-America EMMY Awards is one of nineteen regional chapters of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and are recognized as the standard-bearers for excellence in the television broadcasting industry and the gatekeepers of the prestigious regional EMMY Awards. We’re honored by their recognition and look forward to this year’s ceremony!

We would also be remiss if we didn’t recognize our outstanding production teams and the many individuals and organizations who made these projects’ creation possible. Congratulations!


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  • Even in the program description the wording is a bit concerning. It describes Autism as a heartbreaking disorder that has come out of nowhere. I understand that for parents having the diagnosis for Autism would be absolutely heartbreaking, however I feel that there is a lot more hope out there than some may realize and like to steer parents in the direction of hope-bringing resources, like Autism Speaks. Some cases are absolutely devastating in that the child is very severe and may never speak, but there is so much research going on right now, hope should be alive. No one is asking you to place your child in a mental institution and forget about them as was done back in the day . Instead, people are stepping up and helping each other, as you can see through the Autism Speaks facebook website, among other web and community resources.As for the statement that it came out of nowhere, I recently read an article that discussed whether or not Autism diagnoses have increased due to an increase in the actual disorder or an increase in the ability to diagnose it. I agreed with the article in that I felt it was a bit of a combination. I think awareness has skyrocketed, providing for more diagnoses, specifically for the more mild cases, but I feel there may be some sort of biological aspect to it as well. - Mboiez
  • Good morning, Mboiez! Could you let us know to which program you're referring? "Champion Trees" explores the largest trees of their species in Arkansas, as well as the people who care for them, and "LOUPE: Magnifying the Arts in Arkansas" highlights Arkansas artists' work. Since these programs don't discuss Autism, we want to be certain of whether you're referring to another AETN program (which we can address) or another Mid-America EMMY nominated film. - AETN

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