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Bringing the Arts to Your Living Room

Posted on 26 Aug 2010

For those of you who have been enjoying programming such as "Great Performances" and "Live from Lincoln Center," we have good news: You can expect more of it!

A study recently released by the National Endowment for the Arts demonstrated why we at AETN have recommitted ourselves to showcasing the arts, both in Arkansas and beyond.

While much of broadcast and cable channel outlets have retreated from the arts, the study indicated the absolute importance of digital electronic media in exposing people to the arts. Interaction with the arts through electronic media appears to encourage, rather than replace, live arts attendance. There is a strong relationship between people interacting with arts through electronic media and live arts attendance. (three times more likely to attend), personal arts performance, and arts creation. AETN and PBS, even in a difficult economic environment, promise to continue to look for ways to ramp up our efforts in the arts because we believe it is healthy for our state and nation!