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Need to switch your AETN RSS feeds? Check out Google Reader alternatives.

Posted on 02 Jul 2013

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Wondering what to do now that your Google Reader feed service has ended? No worries! There are many alternatives you can use update your RSS subscriptions (Rich Site Summary, aka Really Simple Syndication) to AETN and all of your favorites.

Feedly Homepage Screenshot

 How do you go about the switch? One service, Feedly, has a simplified migration feature that makes it quite easy - and only takes three quick steps:

1.) Log into your Google account (and be sure you're logged in correctly on your Google Reader account).

2.) Visit Feedly.com, and click on the big, green button that reads "Login."

3.) Let Feedly import your Google Reader data - you'll need to grant Feeedly permission to access your Google info (and select which account to access if you have multiple feeds). After that, Feedly imports all of your Google Reader info into your new Feedly page!

Other great choices include Netvibes, Newsblur, Curata, Digg and The Old Reader. Check your options out and let us know which service you think is best! Also, should you experience any issues transferring your feeds into the new services, check out this CNET article for tips on using Google Takeout for your migration.