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New series “Paint With Kevin” premieres April 5

Posted on 02 Apr 2014

Be sure to tune in for our newest crafting series, “Paint With Kevin” on Saturdays at 10 a.m., beginning April 5. In each 30-minute episode, eighteen-year-old painting phenom Kevin Hill invites painters of all skill levels to complete a new oil painting. 

So, what can you expect of this addition to our Saturday morning crafting line-up? We think our Director of Production Carole Adornetto said it beautifully: “From the moment I first saw Kevin Hill’s paintings, I was stunned. His resemblance — in appearance and manner — to PBS icon Bob Ross is astonishing, but, at the same time, Kevin brings a unique style to this delightfully entertaining and instructional program.”

The 13-episode season of “Paint With Kevin” offers hobbyists step-by-step instruction for creating “wet-on-wet” oil paint landscapes and seascapes using a wide array of vibrant colors and painting techniques. These lessons are suitable for artists of all skill levels (some of AETN’s novices can testify to the truth of that!) and address topics like applications, blending, creating perspective, composition and color mixing.

Despite his youth, Hill projects a mature, reassuring demeanor, and hopes to encourage viewers to take up the brushes and pallet with confidence — much in the way he began painting. The California-based artist, art instructor, popular YouTube host and online gallery owner, Hill began painting at age 15 while watching PBS programming. Now 18, Hill specializes in the “wet-on-wet” oil painting technique and prefers the style because it allows artists of all levels to paint a complete work in a short time.

When we asked Kevin about his experience create and hopes for the program, he said this: “I’ve been incredibly excited by the entire process of creating a new art program for AETN. From filming to final editing, it’s been an amazing experience. My hope is that ‘Paint With Kevin’ will excite a new generation of painters, in addition to inspiring long-term artists.”

Our hopes are much the same! We’ve really enjoyed getting to know Kevin and think you will, too. Find a preview of Kevin’s painting style and instruction methods on his YouTube channel and watch with us Saturday morning. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

TUNE IN: Saturday, April 5, 2014 “Paint With Kevin,” 10 a.m.

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  • Are you serious??? Is this a joke? I thought this was suppose to be how to learn to paint. You can't learn anything with this JOKER, BOB ROSS POSER, want to be. Dude there was one Bob Ross ONE!!! Get original!!! This is the choppiest crappiest editing I have ever seen. PBS must be aweful desperate to put something like this on the air. - Gary
  • I watched the first show, but I was not very impressed. Kevin doesn't paint in real time like Bob Ross and also Kevin copies paintings by other artists. - Chad
  • Hi, Chad and Gary! We hope you'll give Kevin a few more episodes for a chance to win you over, but appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us. It's definitely a new series and will mature over time. - AETN
  • I can not believe PBS would air something with cuts I CANT EVEN paint along and what a slap in the face to BOB ROSS!! I will not be supporting AETN no more I use to donate but I wont be doing that crap anymore! PBS/AETN you have let me down big time!!!!!!!! PBS remove this garbage! Paint With Kevin what a joke!! - Jim
  • Hi, Jim. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We understand that not every viewer will enjoy every program, and we regret that you will choose not to support AETN any longer because of a single program we air. We hope, in time, you will reconsider as you view other programs you enjoy watching. We do provide options for flagging your donations so that they may support other program areas, and you may learn more about those options or steps you may take to alter your donation status by emailing our Viewer Services Department at info@aetn.org. - AETN
  • WOW I could not believe the PBS would put something on the air that is not even youtube quality what a joke really? AETN I have seen better on Youtube then this clown! what a joke I have lost all respect for AETN and PBS!! - Sam
  • I think Kevin is very talented. Love watching him paint, my only comment would be that (and I think I speak for a lot of viewers) I would rather see a less detailed painting from start to finish, than a more detailed painting with edits. Even if he is just blending or repeating steps. As is, we cannot paint with Kevin, but rather all we can do is watch Kevin paint. Regardless I enjoy the program, I wish him luck. - Dan Emmer
  • I like Kevin's Paintings, however I think I speak for many viewers in that I would like to watch a less detailed painting from start to finish, than a more detailed painting with edits. As the show is now, it is not paint with Kevin, but watch Kevin paint. - Dan
  • Hi, Dan! Thank you for your thoughtful critique. We're glad you enjoy the program and appreciate your sharing your thoughts. As we're asked for input, we'll be sure to pass your suggestions along. In the meantime, we're glad to hear that you'll be watching with us! - AETN
  • So glad for this series! I've been following Kevin on Youtube for a long time, and I think his style is distinctve, even though he uses the same method as many other artists. I watch the episodes posted online so I can replay over and over, as much as I want. - Sara
  • Thank you, Sara, for letting us know that you're enjoying "Paint With Kevin"! We're glad that you can watch with us on AETN, now, and use Kevin's online videos to augment the experience. We think that's an excellent idea! - AETN
  • I 've been following Kevin on You Tube and I think he is a very talanted young artist . I Love his work. I've notised he is a bit like Bob Ross on You Tube but so what ? In my opinion he is actually an even better artist. Bob was absolutely a great artist who has inspired me much but now I think it's time for Kevin. Best of luck to you in the future. - Krister ( hobby artist from Sweden ).
  • I love his art. I've been following him on Youtube from Sweden . So what If he's like Bob Ross ? I actually think Kevin is a better artist. Get off his back and let him progress. Do your thing man. Dont listen to every stupid comment. You rock!! - Krizz
  • I love his art. I've been following him on Youtube from Sweden . So what If he's like Bob Ross ? I actually think Kevin is a better artist. Get off his back and let him progress. Do your thing man. Dont listen to every stupid comment. You rock!! - Krizz
  • I love his art. I've been following him on Youtube from Sweden . So what If he's like Bob Ross ? I actually think Kevin is a better artist. Get off his back and let him progress. Do your thing man. Dont listen to every stupid comment. You rock!! - Krizz
  • I'm shocked at how negative some folks are. Kevin is a very talented young man. Although the episodes are edited from start to finish of a painting, I believe if a person is serious about learning, they Can learn from his technique and examples. I appreciate the detail he adds. I also enjoyed Bob Ross ...and I think Bob Ross would appreciate Kevin Hill sharing his talent. Thank you Kevin and AETN. - Cindy
  • Like so many others, I too have been watching Kevin on youtube. As a retired person, I started to paint with oils watching old Bob Ross videos. I am now painting again after seeing Kevin Hills youtube. paintings. My suggestion for people who want a full painting in one setting and those who wish for more detail would be to ask Kevin to highlight one feature every program. Detailed trees in one full painting, detailed water in another full painting and detailed mountains...This way we could get over time, the in-depth instruction that many of us crave. I don't know how to address the people who want both high quality and un-edited programs. I wish I could express how much I enjoy your programs. - Tim
  • I have only recently started watching Kevin on You tube and am very impressed with his talent. What I enjoyed even more than the beautiful creations he paints is that he has such a calm and soothing demeanor while he's painting and explaining his technique. As some people have also suggested it would be nice if he could focus on a particular aspect of the painting with greater detail during filming whether it be clouds, trees, shading, or mixing color. All the best in your future as a great upcoming artist. Marguerite - Marguerite
  • I to, am amazed at the extremely harsh critique of Kevin's program. Those of us who began watching Bill Alexander before he handed the torch to Bob were surprised by the editing but Kevin does not have the experience that both of his predecessors, Bill and Bob, had with the technique and television. Many don't know that when Bob worked he was painting from a painting off camera that he had previously done. Kevin will develope his own style and personality if his detractors and networks will give him the necessary time. - Wayne
  • An old friend of William and Bob I know they would be happy to see another take up the torch for the Wet on Wet Technique. Besides talent is talent, and Kevin has it! - Jan
  • Kevin and AETN...Thank you for the wonderful instructional program. I was so impressed with it that I went out and bought what I needed to "Paint with Kevin." To the naysayers...it's a 30 minute program. In that short time, Kevin does a remarkable job of demonstrating the basics to so we can recreate the paintings he shares. I feel no need to see the same strokes repeated over and over until the painting is completed. I would find it beneficial if information was included regarding paint consistency, how much paint to load on palette knife when doing mountains, etc. My paint rather blurred together the first time I tried to imitate his mountain technique. I know that will improve with repeated attempts (I don't expect to paint my first time as well as he does on his umpteenth). However, Kevin provides a wonderful program as it stands. I hope there are many more coming. - Cynthia
  • Shame on you all you humbugs. Bob Ross would probably be the first to say good job Kevin. I love all the detail in Kevins paintings. Bob Ross had his canvases prepped with liquid white or had them masked off and ready to go. So we didn't see everything he did either, if we want to get picky. I thing Kevin is an amazing young man. Love to hear him talk, and it is fascinating to see what he creates. Kevin Hill, Bob Ross and Jerry Yarnell are set to record every Saturday. I am a long time artist and love to watch a young artist like Kevin. He will inspire thousands to pick up their brushes and palet knife. - Shelia
  • Kevin Hill is the best. Thank you PBS Fans of Bob Ross, please calm down. Kevin is really Great - Dusan
  • I'm very ashamed at all the disrespectful comments on here. Think about Bob Ross's legacy about his life mission. Getting people to enjoy painting! It was never a competition to him and just a happy thing to share with as much people as he could. For the first time I feel there is somebody with the talent who is ready to step up to bat and help spread the word just as whole heartedly as Bob has in his day. Sure he maybe be younger and not have all the great wisdom and finesse to his instruction as Bob did but give him time to grow into his own niche. I know Bob would be very proud even Bill Alexander. Good luck Kevin. - Paul
  • sure would like to see him on KCTS 9 PBS would that be possible. - Ann Davies
  • Love the show and the paintings. Always love the Bob Ross shows and I think there's plenty of room for Kevin Hill. Good choice AETN. - Gary
  • I've watched Kevin on YouTube for quite some time now and I am so excited to see that he has his own show! The videos on YouTube are often between 11-12 minutes and with these 30 minute shows, he included a lot of the steps missing. His paintings are much more detailed than Bob Ross. I love Bob and watched his shows growing up and I think he would be happy to see Kevin paint! To all of the harsh commentators: how very disappointing it is to read such nastiness. - Tara
  • I found Kevin's show today by accident, and immediately set up a series recording. I am a big fan of Bob Ross, and immediately recognized the similarities. Kevin is not Bob, but WHO CARES? I don't think he's trying to be. He's a talented artist whose style and mannerisms evoke memories of Bob; that's all. Having done several "Bob" paintings from DVD, I know that I have benefited more from seeing detailed explanations of technique, rather than just the quick 30 minute episodes. I have no issues with Kevin's program as it is, but I think there is always room for improvement. Perhaps a quick 5 minute call-out session where he elaborates on a specific technique? (E.g. how to make rocks, how to paint sunbeams, how to get your paint to stick, etc.) - Don
  • Do Kevin teaches clases with student when and where - Monica Fernandez
  • What's up with all the haters on here, Kevin Hill is a very talented artist, if he learned anything it is the grace and love of painting from Bob Ross as a teacher, but he has his own unique talent that he is building. I learn something new every time I watch him paint!!! - Darla Holiday
  • YOU GO KEVIN!! Your paintings are beautiful..wish I had your talent. If you could put several paintings on one dvd it would be great..just slow down a little for us beginners! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talant! - Marilyn
  • I have been following Kevin when he first started at 16, he has a gift to be able to paint and be able to convoy it back to the viewers on how he has achieved that look. The tools needed and the paint colors. It is a craft one which everyone can do with practice using the technec he shows during the painting in which he is working on at the time. The reason he uses and explains each step is not so you can paint along with him, however it is so you may practice just what he did show us. He is an artist in his own right, he to was given guides and shown how to use the tools, he practice and is sharing what he was taught...Shame on the ones who are opiating with hateful words. There is a channel button use it change the channel. - Ann Marie
  • I like the way kevin paint he's a professional painter keep the good work up - David Walls
  • Kevin Hill is an awesome painter and host. Very inspiring...Bravo! - Ed
  • It is a fine compliment to the Bob Ross legacy, to see a inspiring and gracious young man, who has been given the gift of talent and the appreciation of Bob Ross and his techniques, who in turn acquired them from Bill Alexander, and then went on to develop his own gift and style of painting, to share with others. Thank you Kevin for your dedication and for sharing with us. Inspiration comes from people like you, who truly understand..."The joy of Painting". - Ruthann
  • I ran across Kevin on Youtube accidently looking for videos on water soluble oils. I am 69 yrs old and have been painting all my life and follow Bill Alexander, Jerry Yarnell, Bob Ross, Wilson Bickford and many more. Each one has their own unique technique. I noticed right off he was soft spoken like Bob Ross and has some of the same techniques. If these artist did not want you to learn their technique why would they post on videos. Just paint and enjoy what you are painting and learn your own technique. After watching all these artists, I too have learned and use some of their techniques and I am sure Kevin has as well. The only thing I think he should do right out of the gate at the beginning of any video is to tell the beginner what he has already done to the canvas not wait until he is already painting and then spring it on the beginners. Also show your paints and tell the colors you have on the palette by their name not blue, brown, yellow, etc. Call it as it is, ultramarine blue, yellow orchre etc and you will have more happy beginners out there. Sorry to say I live where there are no more artists on tv so any new techniques, or artists I find on youtube. Keep up the good work, you can see you enjoy what you do and do not take any negative comments seriously, they can find another artist to watch. Just use my few suggestions and that's all I would change in your videos. - Trisha C
  • Kudos to PBS for bringing in this fine young man. We can't live in the past and this man brings inspiration and a slightly different flare...good for him and he IS an inspiration. I hope we see LOTS more of him and his work! Congratulations to PBS and Kevin. - Suzan Hackerson
  • Wow! I have just found Kevin Hill on the Internet and have sat mesmerized watching him paint. I love the realism, not someone painting one eyed women with their faces cut into sections and moved out of place. Kevin makes painting look so easy I almost think I can paint too with all I've learned by watching him paint. One thing he doesn't tell when he begins the show is the size of the canvas he uses. If he inspires me to to begin, that's something we need to know. Keep up the good work Kevin, Great job! - Barbara E Pleasant
  • This Kid is great...18, keep it up! - Wade

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