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AETN and PBS LearningMedia launch digital education service

When we think about PBS, most parents like me think about “Sesame Street” or “Dinosaur Train”, those great on-air learning tools that help our kids learn their letters, foster good manners, develop social skills, etc.  You know, learn.  But not everyone knows what goes on to produce those shows, the teachers and experts behind them.  And what you see on t.v. isn’t the only way PBS teaches our kids. 

As America's largest classroom, PBS stations like AETN are the number one sources of educational media for students and teachers, at home and in schools. 

AETN is partnering with PBS LearningMedia, a free digital education service that combines the PBS Digital Learning Library and content from PBS stations across the nation to offer high-quality, classroom-ready content for PreK-16 educators and classrooms.  Thousands of digital assets from across public media such as PBS programs, National Archives, Library of Congress and more have been designed and aligned to core standards for classroom and student achievement. 

This free service is open to every teacher, student and parent across Arkansas and the country - and wow, is it huge.  The quality level of partners like the Library of Congress, the National Archives, The National Science Foundation and a gazillion PBS stations that produce shows like “Curious George” and “NOVA” are holding hands in this effort to bring world-class content to our kids.  From videos to images to audio files and lesson plans, this is a one-stop shop for multi-media education in a big way.

As a teacher, have you ever thought how nice it would be to have a lesson plan about something you saw on “NOVA”  or “American Experience” or “Nature” or “Cyberchase”?  Or as a parent or home school mom, have you ever gotten that question from your seven-year-old during an episode of “Wild Kratts” that you couldn’t answer? (ok, several of them).  Here’s your chance.

For more information and to sign up for this free service visit

Last Updated 14 Jul 2017