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“Austin City Limits” changed my life

I’ve always been big into music. Ever since I was a little boy growing up in North East Arkansas, music was my life. And also growing up in North East Arkansas, a variety of music was hard to come by. Sure, there was a plethora of pop country radio stations, top 40 stations, classic rock stations, but nothing that really gave me anything too far out of the ordinary.

Then one day in 1986, I stayed up late, and saw my first episode of “Austin City Limits.”  I remember it because the artist was none other than TV’s Bo Duke, John Schneider.  I was floored. I could only conclude that adults everywhere were sending their kids to bed, and then staying up late to watch good music shows. It was a conspiracy. So, for the rest of my childhood, every Saturday night, I would do my best to stay awake, sneak to the living room, and watch ACL. 

25 years later and I still have to make a good effort to keep myself awake to see “Austin City Limits,” only now it’s because I’m the (exhausted) parent of two small children. But the show still remains the standard of the best variety in music today. From rock to country, hip hop to bluegrass, and sometimes even artist I can’t even put in a genre, ACL delivers great performances from musicians you may not normally even get the chance to hear. 

That’s what AETN and public television mean to me.

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Last Updated 13 Jun 2011