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AETN Engage Calendar

February 2014

"Masterpiece Theater: Downton Abbey"

"Sherlock" - Season Finale

"Exploring Arkansas" - NEW
This month, see the sights in an Arkansas winter wonderland. Chuck Dovish takes in a picture postcard scene near Anvil Rock, overlooking the Mulberry River outside of Ozark; breathtaking wintery views along the trail leading to Newton County’s Glory Hole Falls; the Grant County Museum in Sheridan; and a snow float along Crooked Creek near Harrison to observe winter wildlife.  

"Black Marks on White Paper" - Ark. Independent Film
The life of Bishop Bennie Warner demonstrates how a small, seemingly insignificant event can transform our lives and the lives of countless others. Learn how “black marks on white paper” motivated him to seek the education that would lead him to become an educator, bishop, vice president of Liberia and missionary to the United States. Produced by Rev. Bob Hager of Paragould.   

"POV: American Promise"

"After the Tsunami" - Ark. Independent Film
Hear the story of Indonesian college graduate students who came to U.S. universities on scholarships following the 2004 tsunami that killed 173,000 in Banda Aceh. While the country gradually recovered, 75 students attended the University of Arkansas, Texas A&M and the Clinton School of Public Service so that they could return home to rebuild what could not be replaced with asphalt, brick and mortar.   

AETN Arts Friday
“AETN Presents: On the Front Row With Booyah Dad,” 6:30 p.m., “American Masters – Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth,” 8 p.m., and “POV – Listening is an Act of Love: A Storycorps Special,” 9:30 p.m.  

"For the Love of LIberty: The Story of America's Black Patriots"

"Masterpiece Theater: Downton Abbey"

"Shelter Me: Second Chances"
The third episode of the “Shelter Me” series continues to celebrate shelter pets through uplifting stories and shows how successful animals can be when given a second chance. Featured stories introduce dogs who forever change the lives of incarcerated juveniles; a renowned street who shares how animal shelters are places of hellos; and a professional photographer who uses his talents to help shelter pets find new homes.


"Barnes And ... A Conversation With Freedom Rider"

"Colonial Williamsburg E-Field Trip: Harsh World, This World"

"Gettysburg Story"
Made famous by Jimmie Davis and recorded by more than 350 artists in over 30 languages, “You Are My Sunshine” holds a special place in the hearts of Louisiana and fans around the globe. Celebrate the Bayou State’s song in this all-star lineup of Louisiana musicians, hosted by Harry Connick Jr.  

AETN Arts Friday

·  “  AETN Presents: On the Front Row With Rodney Block & The Real Music Lovers,” 6:30 p.m., and “Great Performances – National Theatre: 50 Years on Stage,” 8 p.m.


"One Night in March"

"Masterpiece Theater: Downton Abbey"

"Men & Women of Distinction: Dr. Joycelyn Elders"

"Men & Women of Distinction: Milton Crenshaw"

AETN Arts Friday
“AETN Presents: On the Front Row With Isaac Alexander,” 6:30 p.m., “Great Performances – Sting: The Last Ship,” 8 p.m., and “Two Feet From the Audience,” 9:30 p.m.  

"Ripple of Hope"

"Minority Matters" - NEW

"Masterpiece Theater: Downton Abbey" - Season Finale

"Arkansas Outdoor Hotline"
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission representatives will address small game, deer and duck hunting for the spring’s live, call-in program. Viewers may submit questions by: phone, (800) 662-2386; email, outdoors@aetn.org; fax, (501) 852-2280; or live, on-air phone, (501) 852-8426.  

"Barnes And ... A Conversation With Gwen Ifill"

"Barnes And ... A Conversation With Emmett Carson"

AETN Arts Friday
“AETN Presents: On the Front Row With National Park Radio,” 6:30 p.m., “Jazz & the Philharmonic,” 8 p.m., and “Becoming an Artist,” 9:30 p.m.