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Winthrop Rockefeller Institute Conference on Political Reform

The Legacy of Winthrop Rockefeller on Arkansas Politics: A Roundtable Discussion

A major event in the Centennial celebration of Winthrop Rockefeller was the Centennial Conference on Political Reform, held at WRI in April 2012. A special feature was a look at Winthrop Rockefellerís legacy to Arkansas politics through the eyes of governors and U.S. Congressmen who are his political heirs. Participants included former Arkansas governors and U.S. Senators Dale Bumpers, David Pryor and Jim Guy Tucker, and Ed Bethune, former member of Congress from Arkansas. AETN is pleased to stream the discussion online.

Session 1: Winthrop Rockefeller's Political Heirs

Introduction of Panel: William Rockefeller
Discussion with Sen. Dale Bumpers, Sen. David Pryor, former Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, and former Rep. Ed Bethune, on how they have moved the Rockefeller agenda forward.
Moderated by Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Robert Brown

Session 2: Winthrop Rockefeller's Legacy to Arkansas Politics

Discussion with John Kirk, chair of the History Department, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Cathy Kunzinger Urwin, author of Agenda for Reform: Winthrop Rockefeller as Governor of Arkansas 1967-71; John Brummett, Arkansas Democrat Gazette.
Moderated by Jay Barth, chair of the Politics and International Relations Department Hendrix College