2017 Governor's Judges Recognition Award
Max Elbo, Eureka Springs

Max Elbo is a graphic artist specializing in music festival posters, award-winning logo designs, illustrations for children's books and countless posters benefiting humanitarian causes. His signature style comes from the use of intricate pen and ink fine art pens, while also incorporating acrylic, watercolor, gouache and marker. Since 1975, Elbo has designed numerous posters for benefits and fundraising events in Eureka Springs, while also working on commissioned projects. In the 1960s, he designed psychedelic posters, handbills, postcards and album covers promoting national and international rock acts at Detroit’s historic live music venue, the Grande Ballroom. In May 2016, the Mayor of Eureka Springs and the Eureka Springs Arts Council inducted Max into the Eureka Springs Artists Hall of Fame, along with Elsie and Louis Freund.