Al Allen

All Allen (1925-2008) was a painter whose contributions to Arkansas culture were his artwork, his teaching, his development of the Department of Art at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR), and two autobiographical books. His style presents realistic subjects in a classical and abstract way.

Allen’s friends and students always recognized that he had an additional talent as a storyteller. In 1991, he published his first book, Roads that Seldom Curve: Growing up along the Mississippi. In this 1992 "Arkansas Traveller" segment, director Dale Carpenter weaves Allen’s art, storytelling and teaching together in a charming look at one of Arkansas’s most beloved artists.  The "Arkansas Traveller" was an AETN arts and culture magazine series produced from 1988 to 1992

Adapted from Martin, Floyd W. “Al Allen (1925–2008)” The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture. 20 March 2013