BOBGOBLIN 'Sinister'

BOBGOBLIN is a veteran rock band that formed in Dallas, Texas in the mid-1990s but has ties to Arkansas.  Originally from Little Rock, lead vocalist and keyboard player Hop Litzwire moved back to Arkansas some years back, but the band continues on with drummer Rob Avsharian now residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan and guitarist Tony Jannotta in Chicago. The old-school punk and new-wave influenced BOBGOBLIN - counting their time under the moniker of their more poppy alter-ego, Adventures of Jet (AOJ) - have been around for 20 plus years, starting with a rapid rise to major-label status and continuing now with a reinvigorated passion for their unique hard-edged but melodic sound.  With this completely self-made video for their new song, "Sinistar," BOBGOBLIN tease one of their two forthcoming albums, in this case THRUSTER, a tribute to classic arcade games that uses the band's nostalgic affinity for the games of their youth as inspiration for more of the socially-conscious, biting rock that the group have been executing since their formation.

In the arcade game bearing its name, the Sinistar character is a seemingly ominiscent being that hides in the background much of the time and haunts the player with his voice, then finally reveals himself and attempts to destroy the players vessel.  With both the song and the video, BOBGOBLIN take the game's concept and use it as a commentary on the paranoid feelings towards the ever-increasing surveillance and tracking capabilities of the modern world.  Though the song has a life and a meaning of its own well beyond the game that inspired it, lead-singer Hop Litzwire, who directed the video and composited the effects, tried to give the video a special look that would allude to the vector games of the early 1980s.

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