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After a recent deployment to Afghanistan, I couldn't wait to get back to our great State. I returned home in late May and immediately planned a camping trip to Devils Den with my son. We had such a good time that two weeks later, we took my daughter on her first camping trip. We played in the pool, went canoeing on Lake Devil, hiked the Devils Den trail, and rode our bikes on part of Fossil Flats trail. We saw snakes, fish, racoons, and of course mosquitos. We all had a great time and made some memories that will last a lifetime. This was the best homecoming gift ever, to spend time with my kids in a beautiful park like Devils Den!

posted by Michael Francis on 24 Aug 2010

AETN Passport Summer Adventure

We had first heard of the AETN Passport several months ago and immediately signed up. After a short wait we received our passports, but were not immediately able to begin our adventure due to prior commitments. The day we could begin finally arrived and we were on the road! We had planned to visit and complete the majority of the park visits over a four day weekend and were able to get ten of the twelve on our 1319.6 mile extended weekend.

posted by Justin Murphree on 19 Aug 2009

My Toltec Experience

In the summer of 2007, I decided that it would be a good idea to introduce my Mexican girlfriend to the natural beauty of Arkansas. One such trip was to the impressive Toltec Mounds state park. We began by signing the guestbook. The attendant was very impressed to have a person from Mexico visiting the park.

posted by Aaron Jackson on 30 Jul 2009

What a phenomenally beautiful day to be at this beautiful park

What a phenomenally beautiful day to be at this beautiful park. Superintendent John Scott with his great info and kindness...the boom of the cannon making us jump each time it went off (even though we knew it was coming) and a great 7-mile bike loop where deer perked up their ears as you sped by.

posted by Julie Irby on 22 Jul 2009