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Career Action Planning (CAP)


To ensure that each student receives individualized, comprehensive, and continuing career and educational counseling that enhances their ability to ultimately achieve career satisfaction.


Implement a statewide initiative which creates a school-based team approach to educational/career counseling at the local level that includes parents, students, teachers, counselors, school administrators, and educational and business partners in a process designed to enhance each student's ability to reach his/her maximum potential as an individual, a student, and a citizen.

Module 1 - CAP Components, Organization and Management

Module 1 Video

Module 1 Presentation (.ppt)

Module 2 - CAP Benefits, Buy-in and Communications

Module 2 Video

Module 2 Presentation (.ppt)

Module 3 - CAP Activities

Module 3 Video

Module 3 Presentation (.ppt)

Module 4 - Career Development Portfolios

Module 4 Video

Module 4 Presentation (.ppt)

Module 5 - CAP Resources

Module 5 Video

Module 5 Presentation (.ppt)

Module 6 - CAP Collaboration, Working Together

Module 6 Video

Module 6 Presentation (.ppt)