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Cooking on the Wild Side April 2013

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Mary's Very Berry Blueberry Pie


Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl. Pour into a 9-inch pie plate and beginning in the center, press crust to edge and up the sides. Bake at 350-degrees for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and cool.

Blueberry Filling:

Place cup water, sugar, and 1 cup blueberries in a heavy sauce pan. Bring to boil. Boil for one minute. Add cornstarch to cup water. Gradually stir into blueberry mixture in saucepan. Stirring constantly, cook until thickened. Remove from heat and add the remaining 3 cups of blueberries, stirring gently.

Pour into prepared pie shell and refrigerate until set.

Venison Goulash

Cut meat into 1 ½-inch cubes. Salt and pepper generously. Pour ? the oil into a #14 Dutch oven. Brown half the meat in oven. Remove from oven, and place in bowl. Add another ? oil, and brown the rest of the meat. Add to bowl, and set aside. Add remaining ? oil. Add onions, reduce heat to medium and cook, stirring frequently, to a nice golden brown. Stir in garlic. Mix well. Add paprika and flour. Stir until mixture is well coated and fragrant.

Pour in 1 can chicken broth, and stir to loosen browned bits in bottom of oven. Add tomato paste, bay leaves, red pepper and green pepper. Mix well. Add second can of chicken broth and meat to the pot, stirring until meat is covered with juices.

Cook at 300-degrees for two hours (11 coals on bottom and 17 coals on top. After one hour of cooking, add 5 coals to bottom and 9 to top). Recipe may be cooked in oven at home.

Mix sour cream with about half the juices from the oven, then stir the mixture into the oven?s contents. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve over noodles.

Venison Pasta Sauce

Slice each sausage in five pieces. Remove casing if desired. Brown in large skillet. Remove to bowl. Brown venison in skillet, adding small amount of olive oil, if needed. Add onions, peppers and mushrooms. Cook until soft. Return sausages to skillet, and add remaining ingredients. Cook over low heat until vegetables are tender and flavors are blended. Remove garlic cloves and bay leaves before serving. This may be used on any type of pasta. Also, makes an excellent dip to use with tortilla chips.

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