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Arkansas's National Wildlife Refuges

The National Wildlife Refuge System is referred to as “America’s Best Kept Secret” because there is a lot of misconception and misunderstanding about just what is it that’s available at these refuges for people to enjoy. So – get ready, because Chuck's visits to all nine of Arkansas’s National Wildlife Refuges that are open to the public, will enlighten and inspire you – in a way that only public television can do.  We show you the priceless gift these refuges contain – the heritage of a wild America that was, and still is.  You will begin to see and understand why there is no better place for children and adults alike to learn about the natural world. 

Unmatched anywhere in the world, the National Wildlife Refuge System is an extensive network of lands and waters protected and managed especially for wildlife – but also, its habitat for people to enjoy.  The system is also one of America’s greatest conservation success stories.  In its first hundred years, it helped save our national symbol, the American bald eagle, from extinction – with Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Blytheville playing a key role. The refuges have also protected hundreds of other wild species – including fish, migratory birds and many other plants and animals, including the habitats that support them. All of this, while offering spectacular outdoor experiences to millions of visitors. 

These national treasures are here for not only present, but future generations as well. When President Theodore Roosevelt designated the first National Wildlife Refuge in 1903, he put it this way –“Wild beasts and birds are by right not the property merely of the people who are alive today, but the property of unknown generations, whose belongings we have no right to squander.” 

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Last Updated 14 Jul 2017