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Dorcheat Bottoms

Posted 08 Jun 2009

Big turnout in Shirley last Saturday during their homecoming parade and the Lucky Ducky Regatta !  Thank you all for those who attended !

Magnolia is next on tap for June 18th. First, at noon we'll partake of all the good eats at Millers Cafeteria and then I'll be speaking to the Rotary Club there. 

Afterwards, we'll head out to a place called --"Dorcheat Bottoms" -(cypress swamp) where the "Creature From The Black Lagoon" was filmed -- (just kidding..) actually, it probably could've been -- this is an area I understand that has recently been acquired by the Nature Conservancy and we'll go and explore it for an upcoming segment on "Exploring Arkansas." (September 7, 6:30pm) Maybe we'll do our own rendition of The Swamp Thing.  And, maybe..just maybe we'll run into Big Foot or the Fouke Monster --the legend of which surrounded an area that's about 35 miles or so west of  Magnolia.  If we don't spot the creature, I'll make sure our intern is on standby with an ape outfit. :)