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Falcon Bottoms Natural Area

Posted 19 Jun 2009

Just want to thank everyone who came out to the Rotary meeting in Magnolia on Thursday the 18th before we headed out on Dorcheat Bayou in the Falcon Bottoms for a segment we did there that will air on Labor Day, September 7th at 6:30pm.

Falcon Bottoms really is a special and neat area that is protected under the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission and The Nature Conservancy.  Our guide was Sarah Johnson who donated a portion of the land to the Heritage Commission.  She is quite an amazing lady to say the least !  Knows the woods better than a GPS unit !!  The amazing thing is first we were warned that we'd probably encounter rattlesnakes and cottonmounths -- we saw not a single one !!  Not even Big Foot ! Our intern, Trevin Byrd got so hot though that he couldn't resist taking a dip in the swampy waters !! I tell you what, is was a sight to behold-- seeing him swimming in that murky water !  Can't wait to show it to ya'll come September !