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Natural State Wildflower Byways

Posted 17 Mar 2010

     Now that spring has sprung -- and will be blossoming into all its glory...I need to tell you about the Highway Department Wildflower program. Yes, their job never ends you know -- in February they had to clear all the ice and snow...and now they have to plant wildflowers of all things !  Ahh, but it's well-worth it !  Crimson and clover....crimson and clover.....oops !  Sorry, daydreamed off their for a sec. Anyway...yes, this is about the coolest thing the Highway Department has come up with in awhile, other than those info signs that you see as well --and the orange barrels -- can never have enough of those. 

     If you do any sort of driving along the state highways and byways, you probably have noticed  during the past couple of spring seasons the quantity and variety of wildflowers that maybe weren't there before. Well, this is part of the entire program which has three parts actually -- the Wildflower Route Program, which encompasses about 1000 miles of highways to showcase existing wildflowers....then there's Operation Wildflower which establishes new roadside wildflowers with seeds donated by a sponsor...and, finally the Wildflower Sign Program which strives to increase public awareness of the entire beauuuuutiful thing !   Makes you just wanna hop in your car and start driving, right?  You betchya.

     So, for more info on the whole thing where you can check out the official Wildflower Route map with all the roads that feature the more than two dozen varieties of wildflowers..just go to --  I tell ya'-- you'll enjoy this a lot more than the spring forward time fiasco---zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.