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Extreme Weather

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Over the past year Arkansas has experienced extreme weather conditions ranging from snowstorms to severe thunderstorms, tornadic outbreaks, and flooding to heat waves and drought. AETN will host a panel discussion about these severe weather patterns, disaster relief efforts, the economic impact on agriculture, and emergency preparedness before, during and after distaster strikes.

2011 Weather Statistics

According to the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office in Little Rock:

  • So far, Arkansas has experienced 72 tornadoes this year. The deadliest tornadoes of 2011 occurred on April 25th in Vilonia, AR, when an EF2 tornado killed four people. And, on May 25th four more people were killed when an EF4 tornado struck Denning and Harmony, AR. Both tornadoes had long tracks of 51 miles and 46 miles respectively.
  • There were 12 tornado related deaths – 7 in April and 5 in May
  • There were 7 deaths related to damaging winds – 6 in April and 1 in June
  • There were 18 Flood/Flash Flood deaths – 1 in March, 6 in April, and 11 in May
  • There was 1 death related to lightning in August
  • The last two weeks of April into the first days of May featured one of the busiest periods of severe weather and flooding/flash flooding in recent memory. Rainfall exceeded a foot in some areas, and excess runoff resulted in record crests at several forecast points along the Black and lower White Rivers (even higher than historic 2008 levels).

For more information read a press release by the Arkansas Farm Bureau regarding the flood's impact on agriculture in Arkansas.