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The Lost Squadron

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I. Pre-Viewing:

Introduce the topic with a discussion of World War II and the efforts of the U. S. Military squadrons, the passions of those who participated, and the obsession to complete aborted missions. Utilize some of the following questions/directions to lead the discussion:

  1. Have students discuss the factors that lead to the U. S. participation in World War II.
  2. Identify on a map the areas discussed in the video for geographic concepts of location and distance: Arctic Region, Arctic Circle, Greenland, Iceland, and Europe.
  3. Generate a list of technological methods that may have been used in locating the lost fighter plane.
  4. Brainstorm a list of technological methods that may have been used in resurrecting the plane from the ice 260 feet below the surface.
  5. Discuss the obsession the survivors feel to complete the lost mission.


  1. What was Operation Bolero? Who ordered it and why?
  2. What significant event in history took place 6 months prior to Operation Bolero and how did it contribute to the decision to deploy the squadron?
  3. What decision did pilot Brad McManus make that helped the other pilots? Why did he make it and how was it helpful?
  4. Why did Mr. Roy Shoffner fund the recovery and restoration of the P-38, "Glacier Girl"?
  5. Who will benefit from the recovery and reenactment efforts? How?