Student Selects Scholarship Information

Entries must be received by AETN by March 31, 2017. Winners will be announced in May.

Rules and Regulations

Entrants must be currently completing 12th grade in Arkansas. Public, private and home school students as well as those who have completed the GED are included. Grade point average and test scores do not factor into consideration for a scholarship and need not be disclosed.

For electronic submissions, please see our e-delivery service here.

For mail-in submissions, students must submit 5 DVD copies of a respective piece. If submitting a script, 5 script copies must be included as well. Please make certain that the DVD submission is finalized and compatible with multiple DVD players.

Entries must be received by AETN by April 1, 2016. Winners will be announced in May 2016.

Four $2,500 scholarships will be awarded, one per category, for the following categories: Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography, and Editing.

Students must guarantee that they were the sole performer of the selected category while creating their films. This does not mean the film had to me made by the student alone, only that the task stipulated by category was carried out by the student. An instructor or advisor who has had some type of involvement or knowledge of the specific project must sign to verify the student involvement is as stated.

Scholarships will be awarded to the students institutions of choice, regardless of planned major. The student need not be majoring in a media related field to receive and utilize the scholarship. Violation of the declaration of student work as authentic will result in forfeiture of the scholarship application.

AETN and the THEA Foundation retain the right to use student media entered in the scholarship proceedings in the same manner as the non-competitive Student Selects media (online webcast, broadcast and film festival showings.)


The scholarship program is inclusive. There are no test score requirements, grade point Requirements, or major requirements (scholarship winners go on to major in their field of choice).

Who is eligible? Arkansas High School Seniors from:

  • Public or Private Schools
  • GED Students
  • Home School Students