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FOI NOTICE: AETN Commission executive committee to meet June 17

The executive committee of the Arkansas Educational Television Network Commission will meet to discuss agency goals for FY 2020 on Monday, June 17, at 11:30 a.m. in Clarksville. For more information, call Amy Giovannetti at 501-682-4118.

FOI NOTICE: AETN Commission to meet June 20

The Arkansas Educational Television Network Commission will meet Thursday, June 20, at 11:30 a.m. in the classroom of the network headquarters, 350 South Donaghey Avenue, Conway, Arkansas. This is an open meeting under the provisions of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, and the public is invited.

Annette Herrington

Little Rock, Arkansas
Commission Service:

Skip Holland
Vice Chair

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Commission Service:

Philip Hathcock

Maumelle, Arkansas
Commission Service:

West Doss
Foundation Representative

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Commission Service:

Sammie Benjamin
Glenwood, Arkansas
Commission Service:

John Brown
Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Commission Service:

Woody Freeman
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Commission Service:

Dr. Kathryn Jones
Bentonville, Arkansas
Commission Service:

Arkansas Educational Television Network Description of Commissioner Responsibilities

Commissioners are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Arkansas Senate. Commissioners serve eight-year terms, which are renewable. Of the eight Commissioners, one will be from each of the state's four congressional districts, one will be actively involved in the Arkansas public school system, and one will be actively involved in higher education in Arkansas. The role of an AETN Commissioner is that of citizen representative responsible for the oversight of the statewide telecommunications network. A Commissioner is an active supporter of AETN and its mission. A Commissioner is expected to increase his or her understanding of public broadcasting in general and the AETN organization in particular. When appropriate, a Commissioner is expected to contribute time, ideas and resources to advance the goals of AETN in serving the state.

A Commissioner shall be subject to removal from office is he or she is absent, without satisfactory excuse, from three consecutive Commission meetings.

Commissioners should commit themselves to:

Originally adopted by the AETN Commission 06/21/00, and amended 6/16/04

Last Updated 29 Jan 2019