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It’s your birthday, Harry! - “The Great American Read”

July 31 marks the 38th birthday of “The Boy Who Lived” and our friends at Charleston Public Library can’t wait to celebrate! Gather your friends — wizards and muggles alike — and join them for a free, public Harry Potter Birthday Party Tuesday, July 31, at 2 p.m.

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2018 Summer Learning With AETN

Summer time is fun time, and that includes taking a break with a good book! From Gravette to Yellville and beyond, AETN has been busy sharing great resources to inspire children of all ages to pick up a book and go on an adventure. Keep reading to learn more and find ways to have fun with literacy at home!

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Sports Safety Marathon

It's that part of the summer when practices become gut-wrenchingly hot ... just in time for two-a-days. How can our kids enjoy the sports and activities they love while protecting themselves? Addressing everything from overheating to contact, a special marathon Sunday, July 22, features "108˚: Critical Response," "Bell Ringer: The Invisible Brain Injury" and "Concussion: Answers in the Blood" starting at 1:30 p.m.

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ArkansasIDEAS - “The Science of Reading”

How do our brains best tackle learning to read? A new, 18-hour learning path from ArkansasIDEAS — created in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education and R.I.S.E. (Reading Initiative for Student Excellence) — is launching to help the state’s educators explore just that! Created in response to the Right to Read Act, “The Science of Reading” connects principles from neuroscience about how the brain learns to read with instructional classroom practices. Keep reading to learn more about the series of courses and find out how these practices can help strengthen reading education.

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