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Keeping Legends Alive

The Gurdon Light has been covered countless times both locally and nationally by media, and — unlike other Arkansas lore “Once Upon a Time in Arkansas” covered — its story is told by locals without any air of hesitation. Why is the tale of a railroad line crew foreman’s gruesome murder preserved here when other towns hide their grisly pasts? Read on to find out and to see why history’s a living, breathing thing that’s on us to keep going. 

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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Sweater Drive 2019

For more than five years, Arkansans have helped libraries across the state to collect thousands of sweaters in the memory of Fred Rogers’ neighborly spirit. Find out how you can help continue this outstanding legacy and care for those in need in your community by participating in the 2019 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Sweater Drive.

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Will Rogers Fights for England

The story of Will Rogers’ Drought Relief Tour might be the most incredible “Once Upon a Time in Arkansas” tale this season. It might also be the least-known. Why is the story of a traveling one-man show more impressive than that of a century-old river monster? Because I know it’s true. Learn more about the special power of truth and how a willingness to give and seek out help when it’s needed makes us stronger after the jump.

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The Tale is in the Telling: Mastering the Art of Getting Lost in the Weeds

When the “Once Upon a Time in Arkansas” crew uncovered the story of Dexter Harding’s Sawdust Bridge, it was not only a ghost story. It was the ghost of a story — almost all but lost. Hear how a master storyteller — John Mitchell, a volunteer docent for the Jefferson County Historic Museum — helped bring it and a nearly lost art to life with series producer Corey Womack.

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