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Make Your (Book)Mark!

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Nothing's better than a good summer read, and I've got just the craft to keep your kid's nose in a book! All you need are a few simple supplies, a little bit of time, and you and your child can create paper clip page markers.


  • Jumbo Paper
  • ClipsGlue (Liquid Fusion or hot glue work well.)
  • Misc. Buttons & Decorative Bits
  • Wax PaperHow-To

1. Choose your button or bit. I found the chip board letters used in the book marks below in the scrapbooking section of the craft store. Other options ,however, are game pieces or magazine letters glued onto card stock. (Turn this step into a game by challenging your child to find their own initials or spell out the name of a character in the book their reading!)

Initial Read-actionDSC015312. Glue paper clip to the back of a decorative bit.  This is a great opportunity to use those random buttons collected from old clothes and grandma's sewing basket.

Pretty PagesPaper Clip & Button Bookmarks

3. Let the bookmark dry on a piece of wax paper.  While you're waiting, make some more.  This time, play with layering buttons with silly bits like google eyes!

Eye Spy a Good Read!DSC01527

This article is from the "Fun and Games" section of the PBS Parents website.