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"GobbledyBook" – How to Make a Conversation Jar

This week’s episode of “GobbledyBook” featured the book “Let The Children March.” The story revolves around thousands of African American children who volunteer to march for their civil rights after hearing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak. From that story, we learned how children can use their voices to change the world. Encourage your family to use their voices with this fun conversation jar.

Summer Literacy - Encouraging Reading, Supporting Educators

Whenever you put a book in the hands of a child, you’ll soon get to watch them discover new worlds. That’s just part of why AETN has partnered with various agencies to move the needle on childhood literacy. Read on about how AETN is working with the Arkansas Department of Education to create an even bigger impact by awarding books to teachers!

"GobbledyBook" - How to Make a Dragon Blower

We can’t wait to show you what book we’ll be reading this Thursday at 10:30 a.m., during the live premiere of “GobbledyBook” on AETN’s Facebook page! In the meantime, we thought we’d give you a heads-up on a cool craft you’ll need to play along at home. Follow the directions below to make your own fun, fiery dragon blower!

What We're Watching - July 2019

In July, everything's heating up, and AETN's programming is no exception! Join us in July for brand new content from AETN, the country's longest-running July 4 national broadcast tradition and a lineup of space programming that's out of this world. Check out some of this month's programming highlights below.

Summer of Space

Blast off into the Summer of Space! Watch AETN all month long as we bring you a lineup of special space programming that's out of this world!

“The Rainless Flood: The Aftermath”

Now, the water has mostly receded, and the impact of this flood touches every sense, even taste. The hum of activity has moved from those houses actively fighting the water to those houses that were overcome by it. Difficult choices - what to keep and trash, whether to rebuild or leave - face Treasure Hill's residents. 

“GobbledyBook” - Starting July 11

Join us on Facebook Thursday, July 11, at 10:30 a.m. for “GobbledyBook,” an exciting, new AETN digital series that helps children develop a love of reading through fun, engaging videos.

The Rainless Flood: The Calm After the Storm

With the weekend behind us, both the Hargetts and the Johnsons are feeling safer. There’s a sense of relief — that feeling of knowing you avoided something life-changing. It would be joyful … if not for knowing that just next door it is a different and darker story.

“The Rainless Flood: Night”

At night, the soundscape of the flooded Treasure Hills subdivision changes dramatically: shouts of sandbaggers are replaced by a cacophony of swamp noise and sump pumps. The hazards of watery navigation — even in once familiar areas — completely change, too. See how they changed my perspective on production and what families affected by the 2019 Arkansas River Flood are battling.

“The Rainless Flood: Breach”

Water is insidious. It’s both tiny and huge: small enough to seep through microscopic cracks, but strong enough to topple a ton of sandbags. After the initial impact of the historic 2019 Arkansas River Flood, the weekend is blur — made even more surreal by the heat — but the fight is really just beginning in Treasure Hills Subdivision. Keep reading to hear more of the Hargett and Johnson families’ stories in the second installment of AETN producer Kevin Thomas Clark’s blog series.

The Rainless Flood

The river has crested, and the floodwaters have started to recede, but the story has just begun for the families and communities who were impacted by the historic 2019 Arkansas River flood. See the experience of the Treasure Hills community — located between Conway and Greenbrier, Arkansas — through the eyes of AETN producer Kevin Thomas Clark in the first installment of our ongoing blog and digital video series.

2019 Telly Awards - 11 AETN Wins

AETN is proud to announce that 11 of our productions have earned international recognition in the 40th annual Telly Awards. Find details about the pieces and the recognition they earned after the jump.

What We’re Watching – June 2019

It’s summertime, and AETN is here to help you kick things off the right way! Join us in June for your favorite AETN original productions, music specials, exciting adventures and so much more.

“Suicide Prevention — Looking Deeper” • ArkansasIDEAS

ArkansasIDEAS’ upcoming course Suicide Prevention — Looking Deeper, available beginning June 17, shares personal stories and case studies that show the connections between past trauma, student behaviors and innate human needs. Learn more about the course — presented by Shawna Burns, LPC-S, LADAC-CS — and how it meets the requirements of Act 770 of 2011 after the jump.

Every Teacher Is a Reading Teacher - "The Science of Reading"

Arkansas is changing literacy instruction in every classroom across the state, and ArkansasIDEAS is helping lead the charge with an 18-hour learning pathway to help train teachers in The Science of Reading. Internationally recognized literacy experts are working with AETN’s Education staff to better prepare our students for lifelong learning built on The Science of Reading! Keep reading to learn how and see what I've learned as the course producer.

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