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Keeping Legends Alive

The Gurdon Light has been covered countless times both locally and nationally by media, and — unlike other Arkansas lore “Once Upon a Time in Arkansas” covered — its story is told by locals without any air of hesitation. Why is the tale of a railroad line crew foreman’s gruesome murder preserved here when other towns hide their grisly pasts? Read on to find out and to see why history’s a living, breathing thing that’s on us to keep going. 

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Sweater Drive 2019

For more than five years, Arkansans have helped libraries across the state to collect thousands of sweaters in the memory of Fred Rogers’ neighborly spirit. Find out how you can help continue this outstanding legacy and care for those in need in your community by participating in the 2019 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Sweater Drive.

Will Rogers Fights for England

The story of Will Rogers’ Drought Relief Tour might be the most incredible “Once Upon a Time in Arkansas” tale this season. It might also be the least-known. Why is the story of a traveling one-man show more impressive than that of a century-old river monster? Because I know it’s true. Learn more about the special power of truth and how a willingness to give and seek out help when it’s needed makes us stronger after the jump.

"Country Fried" Autographed Poster Giveaway

As "Country Fried," AETN's first podcast, comes to an end, host Ryan Harmon shares his thoughts on the series and what country music means to him. What does country music mean to you? Find out how your answer could win you an autographed "Country Music" poster.

AETN, PBS productions to be screened at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

AETN is excited to be part of this year's Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, and we invite you to join us! The AETN original production “Men & Women of Distinction: Mike Beebe,” as well as AETN’s national PBS feature “State of the Art,” have been chosen for screening as part of the festival.

The Tale is in the Telling: Mastering the Art of Getting Lost in the Weeds

When the “Once Upon a Time in Arkansas” crew uncovered the story of Dexter Harding’s Sawdust Bridge, it was not only a ghost story. It was the ghost of a story — almost all but lost. Hear how a master storyteller — John Mitchell, a volunteer docent for the Jefferson County Historic Museum — helped bring it and a nearly lost art to life with series producer Corey Womack.

AETN Original Productions Win Mid-America Emmy Awards

We're proud to announce that two original AETN productions received Emmy awards during the 2019 annual awards competition of the Mid-America Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS).

Are Your Ducks In A Row?

National Estate Planning Awareness Week is Oct. 21-27. Read on to learn how you can make decisions now that will help protect your family and fulfill your wishes. Free estate planning booklets are available with your request!

Belief: A Force for Change - The Lasting Legacy of Bernie Babcock and King Crowley

Belief is a powerful notion. Especially in the hands of a motivated Arkansan. Learn about this week's "Once Upon a Time in Arkansas" episode "The Legend of King Crowley" and producer Corey Womack's mission to instill that same belief and motivation in the students he once taught.

Pinkalicious Birthday-in-a-Box Giveaway

What’s better than a plain, old birthday party? Why, a pinktastic “Pinkalicious and Peterrific” birthday party with lots of pink sparkles, of course! Learn how you can enter our Facebook contest for a chance to win one of two pinkaperfect birthday celebration kits - complete with crowns, cupcakes and cool activities - Oct. 7-18.

Revisiting the Lore of Our Past - "Once Upon a Time in Arkansas"

“Once Upon a Time in Arkansas” hopes to shine a light on folklore from across Arkansas, shining a light on stories famous and mostly forgotten. Learn more about this week’s episode, “The White River Monster,” and the common theme that inspires the series with producer Corey Womack.

Clifton Taylor Clowers – The Legacy of Woolverton Mountain

Since the beginning of time, each and every morning, that sleepy ole sun has peeped over the hills in Conway County, as it wakes the hills and hollers to start a new day. It rose and set over Clifton Taylor Clowers – the inspiration for Claude King’s hit “Wolverton Mountain” – for every day for nearly 100 years and witnessed an amazing life and some outstanding music. Learn more about Woolverton Mountain’s country music history and the dawn of a new era on the mountain with guest blogger Don Ramsey.

“AETN Sports” Is Back

AETN Sports is returning for the 2019-2020 school year starting with the high school football state finals live from War Memorial Stadium! Read on to learn more about what’s coming this season, including our partnership with Arkansas high school football authority and Arkansas Democrat Gazette senior editor Rex Nelson’s weekly digital-first ranking updates and predictions in “Road to the Rock With Rex Nelson” coming to starting Oct. 3.

Once Upon a Time in Arkansas: A Personal History of Storytelling

From family stories to Vance Randolph’s collection of Arkansas lore, The Natural State’s stories are powerful. Explore how they’ve shaped our home and inspired AETN’s new digital series “Once Upon a Time in Arkansas” with producer Corey Womack.

Roy Acuff — “Talkin’ Country” Icons

Roy Acuff was an overall entertainer — combining singing and musicianship with antics from yo-yo tricks to balancing a fiddle bow on his nose. He was also an innovator off-stage, cofounding the first modern publishing company in Nashville to specialize in country music. Learn more about “The King of Country Music” in guest blogger Charles Haymes’ latest “Talkin’ Country” Icons post.

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