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Up Among The Hills: The Story of Fayetteville

Event Name Up Among The Hills: The Story of Fayetteville
Start Date 30th Nov 2017 6:30pm
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"Up Among the Hills: The Story of Fayetteville," a documentary telling the story of the character and characters of Fayetteville from the 1800s to present, will air on the Arkansas Educational Television Network Thursday, Nov. 30, at 6:30 p.m.

Fayetteville's history as a quirky community – known for the state's flagship college and well recognized for its farmers market, town square and off-beat personalities – provides interesting fare for the film. Described by news reporter Waterman L. Ormsby as a "most inaccessible place" but "flourishing little town" in 1858, the city has played host to a variety of famous figures and eccentric residents. Narrated by former president Bill Clinton, the one-hour documentary blends artistic images with dramatic voices and recreations to take viewers on a poignant and, at times, humorous trip through the town's history.

In addition to detailing how Fayetteville became home to the University of Arkansas, "Up Among the Hills" profiles residents including: writers Charles Finger and William Lighton; musicians Buddy Hayes, Ronnie Hawkins and the Cate Brothers; former Fayetteville Daily Democrat publisher and politically minded mother Roberta Fulbright; and the peculiar "old scout" of Mount Sequoyah. The documentary was inspired by banker and Fayetteville native "Mr. Fayetteville" John Lewis and is dedicated to his memory.

"Up Among the Hills: The Story of Fayetteville" is written and produced by

Larry Foley, Emmy winning professor of journalism and documentary film at the University of Arkansas.