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  • The Demystified Zone: The Diem Disaster

    What shifted Ngo Dinh Diem – who was offered the support of puppet Emperor Bao Dai, the U.S. government and, at one point, even Ho Chi Minh – from respected Vietnamese political figure to messily deposed ruler? Explore his rise to power from World War II to its unfortunate end – and what his loss meant for the Vietnam War. 

  • The Demystified Zone: A Global Game of Dominoes

    As the uneasy alliance of the Soviet Union and United States dissolved, the Cold War erupted and gave birth to many proxy wars, including the Vietnam War. What stoked each side of the rivalry? Explore the basic differences in economic and political ideology that prompted U.S. involvement in Vietnam and introduced a round of dominoes with extraordinary, worldwide consequences.

  • The Demystified Zone: Adieu, la France

    Contrary to the popular, unfortunate American image of the French as surrender-prone, their nation has a long and impressive history of military success. The same was true in Vietnam until 1949 when sudden changes gave the Viet Minh an advantage. Read on to learn what changed and how a place called Dien Bien Phu affected the course of the Indochina War.

  • The Demystified Zone: A Will of Light

    The revolutionary who would eventually style himself "Hồ Chí Minh" - roughly meaning "the Enlightened Man with a Will of Light" – traveled a long road from son of a controversy prone magistrate to Prime Minister and President of the Democratic Republic of North Vietnam. Keep reading to examine his early life, from the Versailles Peace Conference to his work with the United States’ OSS during WWII and beyond.

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