LeeNora Parlor

I create paintings of my family (ancestors) and other beings that reflect glimpses into their lives and depict "who I really am."  The Transforming Power of art gifts each piece with a compelling record of individuality yet illustrates a oneness with all humanity.

My work is embedded with fragmented scenes of the distant and not so distant past.  Memories that might have been lost forever are preserved in oil on canvas. 

My art gives expression to my inner vision of "who I really am."  Each painting reminds me of the humble beginnings of my ancestors, their perseverance and fortitude.

By portraying different moments in life, I hope to show a joy, a peace and a delicate sadness mixed with pure emotion; creating a truly spiritual sense to the art of simple living.  I believe that my art is a healing medium because it invokes nostalgia and inspires a feeling that time is suspended.

As a self-taught artist, I have discovered that the lessons taught to me by the Universe leave an indelible impression; enabling me to draw from that source at any time; allowing for a freedom of expression that is completely pure.

I spent my childhood years on the outskirts of Camden, Arkansas, living the country life.  I moved to a large city in the north in my late teens and remained there until several years ago.  I believed the decision to return to the South and live in the country again would enhance my ability to produce the quality of work I desired, and it has.

Thank you,

LeeNora Parlor
(Artist Statement Courtesy of LeeNora Parlor and the Old Statehouse Museum)


LeeNora Parlor is represented by Cantrell Gallery.
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