Rita Henry

Still photography is my voice. Photographs pin down my memories. With my black and white and color images, I draw stories using faces and places. My subjects tend to repeat in different forms, in light or shadow, here or there. All represent moments, planned and spontaneous, and printed to my liking.


Some of my photographs are dreamy and a bit dusty. Others are so clear you can see the cracks. The photographs are made with film cameras, 25 to 110 years old, and well-used before me. One is as big as a chest of drawers and as heavy as the corner of an iron bed. Each has historic weight having seen things I can't imagine. These cameras are vehicles from the past, used to capture the present and create an image for the future. Each image from these cameras is lucky to be alive.

I do my own darkroom work. As magical as ever, the chemistry touches the paper and produces a black-and-white picture. Much of the photographic paper is vintage and age affects the silver emulsion unpredictably. The color images originate from older, expired film creating slight shifts in color.


Teaching photography is my everyday joy and continues to supply new insight and inspiration. A middle school student of mine once described art as: "the use of skill and imagination to create objects that can be shared with others." I call my photographs art.

Rita Henry was born in Dermott, AR and graduated from Hendrix College. In 1989, she began pursuing photography as an art form. She has headlined 16 art shows and spent fifteen years teaching fine art photography to all ages.

Rita is represented by Gallery 26 in Little Rock, AR.

For more of Rita's work, please visit www.facebook.com/blueeyedknocker.

All photographs used in this article are the copyright of Rita Henry.

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