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A new AETN digital first series every Thursday celebrating Arkansas schools and teachers. "Cool Schools" and "Heart of a Teacher" can be found online on Facebook and YouTube. Each week a new group of students, teachers and parents will be our subject, highlighting small and large schools alike, fostering school and community pride throughout the state.


  • Cool Schools: Walnut Ridge High School Fire Academy
    Across the United States, communities are experiencing a deficit of fire service volunteers and professionals. See how - in an effort to correct that issue, encourage public service and provide career training - Walnut Ridge High School has created its own Fire Academy Program.
  • Heart of a Teacher: Chaunda Mannis, DeWitt High School
    Just a little "extra" - whether it's encouragement, practice or curriculum tailored to various learning styles - goes a long way when students are transitioning to high school and the next stages of their lives. See how DeWitt High School's Chaunda Mannis makes sure they get that boost.
  • Cool Schools: Apple Seeds, Inc.
    In the garden, on the teaching farm or in the classroom, Fayetteville's Apple Seeds, Inc. is committed to creating moments that can change students' views on food and eating. Learn more about how local schools partner with this non-profit, garden-based education program.
  • Heart of a Teacher: Jodi Taintor - Warren Middle School
    Warren Middle School’s Jodi Taintor teaches math… and so much more. Learn how she supports her students inside and outside ofthe classroom.
  • Cool Schools: Cabot Archery
    In the latest installment of "CoolSchools," Cabot Public School Districtis highlighted for their competitive archery program. This team sport engagesstudents of all ages and interests and has helped with academic motivation.
  • Heart of a Teacher: Cassie Crane, Morrilton High School
    Morrilton Sr. High School'sCassie Crane shares how her favorite teacher inspired her to become aneducator, and how she’s paying those life lessons forward every day.
  • Cool Schools: Cotter Public Schools Shooting Sports Program
    Cotter Public Schools offers a unique opportunity to participate in a team sport - one that engages students who may not have connected with traditional programs in the past.
  • Heart of a Teacher: Kim Hall, Nemo Vista Schools
    What inspires someone to dedicate their lives to teaching? Kim Hall — who has been a fixture at Nemo Vista Schools in Center Ridge, Arkansas, for 28 years — shares what inspires her and what she hopes for her students.
  • Cool Schools: Highland High School - Rebel Bank
    Learning how to manage yourfinances is an essential life skill, and Highland SchoolDistrict gives its students a unique opportunity to put it into practiceearly on with their Rebel Bank.
  • Heart of a Teacher: David Poindexter, Pea Ridge School District
    David Poindexter, a science teacher at Pea Ridge School District, shares his reasons for becoming an educator and how he's helping shape the students of today for their future life choices.
  • Cool Schools: Self-defense at Horatio Public Schools
    In the Horatio Lions School District, students are learning to develop discipline, self-regulate and establish practical skills that will serve them their entire lives. But, these lessons aren’t taking place in a traditional classroom setting.

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