Men & Women of Distinction

"Men & Women of Distinction"  is an ongoing series that profiles Arkansans whose lives have had a profound effect on the development of the state; the character of it's people or its image beyond our borders. By highlighting these men and women, the series allows history to be told by the voices of those who lived it; in a format that can be preserved for future generations.

Men and women profiled in the series to date include former governors; U.S. senators and representatives; an internationally renowned composer, a former U.S. Surgeon General and a nationally recognized philanthropist.

Latest Episode: "Men and Women of Distinction: Ray Rodgers"

Amateur boxing's Ray Rodgers has a wit as sharp as any jab and his one-liners come at you in combinations. His disarming humor and no-nonsense approach have taken him from amateur boxer to coach to the top leadership posts in a sport to which he's dedicated more than seventy years of service. His skills as a "cutman" are legendary and he's worked the corners of some of professional boxing's greatest champions. His most enduring legacy however, is his tireless commitment to the countless young people he's mentored away from the streets and towards a better life through education.

"Men and Women of Distinction" has been honored with numerous awards over the course of its run, including multiple Telly awards and recognition from the International Academy of Visual Arts.