Minority Matters

"Minority Matters" received a Gold Award in the News & Public Affairs category of the Aurora Awards in 2013.

Minority Matters is a television program dedicated to providing a forum for discussion and exploration of issues affecting Arkansas' minority communities. The show's goal is to create a deeper level of understanding and awareness for all Arkansans, and to seek solutions to the challenges facing our state.


  • Minority Matters July 2015
    Relationships between minorities and the law enforcement community. 
  • Minority Matters January 2015
    The results of the last state elections, along with a look into the future of Governor Asa Hutchinson's administrion. Also, what policies can we expect to come from the GOP lead legislature? And what does the future of both the Democrat and Republican parties efforts to reach out to minorities look like? 
  • Minority Matters September 2014
    This month The history of the voting rights act is discussed, and whether or not voting rights are still relevant. Filmed at the Little Rock Central High National Historic Site.
  • Minority Matters August 2014
    Discussing Ferguson, Missouri and the shooting of an unarmed teenager by a police officer.
  • Minority Matters July 2014
    We talk about a very special group of Arkansans, Those who live and work everyday with a disability. We learn first what it means to live with a disability and about the laws designed to provide support for those living with disabilities. People living with disabilities
  • Minority Matters June 2014
    Sports in the lives of Arkansans
  • Minority Matters May 2014
    Discussion of recent primary elections and upcoming general elections for Arkansas.
  • Minority Matters April 2014
    This month we discuss the history of Sundown towns. We ask the questions of do they still exist and what is being done to change long held perceptions?
  • Minority Matters March 2014
    America is a nation of demographics, gender, race, and socioeconomics.  There are many lines that either unite or divide us. In this episode we will talk about diversity, especially as it relates to our public institutions. How important is diversity and what steps are important when seeking to achieve it. 
  • Minority Matters February 2014
    Living and loving with AIDS, the statistics and the outlook in the Arfrican-American and other minority communities.
  • Minority Matters January 2014
    In this program we are going to discuss whether or not we live in a post racial America and ponder the question "Does race matter?" and if so, what is it's relevance?
  • Minority Matters December 2013
    This month we'll be discussin the upcoming election year and evaluating the important political races that will help determine which party controls the state capital and possibly the U.S. Congress, and the role minority voters will play in the election.
  • Minority Matters November 2013
    There have been movies, documentaries, blog posts, and conversations about African-American hair and what constitutes good hair in the community.  The debate over natural or permed or textured hair has been picking up for a while and some say that natural hair is connetion to our African heritage and kinky hair is not as professional and prefer it straightened chemically or otherwise.
  • Minority Matters October 2013
    The trial process: the important decisions lawyers make their effect on the outcome of a trail.
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