Music In Arkansas: Origins 200 BC - 1941 AD

Music In Arkansas: Origins is an online professional development (PD) history course, worth 2 professional development credit hours, for ArkansasIDEAS and will be a one hour documentary for broadcast on AETN.

The ArkansasIDEAS course target audience is K-12 Educators in Arkansas. The goal for the online course is to provide ADE approved PD credits for history and general hours that are required by the state of Arkansas. Another goal is to use the music history of Arkansas as catalyst to discuss other important events that may have been occurring during musical milestones highlighted. We will also produce a DVD for teachers to use in their classroom and include the 16 page resource guide with the DVD. DVD's will be free as a handout at conferences and events. DVD's will be limited. The Educator Guide is available for download, see below.

The air date for the AETN documentary has not been established yet - we are aiming for this fall. We also plan to have 3-5 screenings around Arkansas and submit the film into film festivals in Arkansas and border states that are highlighted in the film. The documentary will be 56 minutes and the target audience is Arkansas general public. The goal of the documentary is to inform the general public about Arkansas's deep musical heritage including pre-historic through 1941.

Educator Guide

AETN is proud to provide this educator guide as a resource for middle and secondary teachers who wish to use "Origins" in the classroom. The documentary and its classroom resources have been developed with the Arkansas State Standards and the College, Career and Civic Life Framework in mind. We hope that you enjoy "Music in Arkansas: Origins" and that you find its accompanying resources beneficial to you, your students, and your learning goals.

Last Updated 28 Jun 2018