Precious Memories: Our Vanishing Rural Churches

As we move into the 21st century, "Precious Memories: Our Vanishing Rural Churches" takes a look back at the small country churches around the state of Arkansas. These church homes are historic and detail a way of life and heritage threatened by extinction in today's society.

For many of us, churches provide a sense of security and memories of home and family. This program reminds us of a time when life was simpler and perhaps better, a time when the church was the cornerstone of rural life. Picturesque and often humble, these churches can be seen along lonely country roads. Many were humble from their beginnings, others humbled by time and disuse. All are filled with meaning and memories, though many now stand vacant or have dwindling congregations.

Five churches are featured in this program: Smyrna Methodist Church, Buckville Baptist Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Point Cedar Methodist Church and Community African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Last Updated 17 Jul 2008