Rules and Guidelines

Student Selects Rules and Guidelines

Terms and Conditions

AETN reserves the right to flag and edit any program that has sensitive content. The flag categories are "sex," violence," and "language." There is an additional distinction between real and dramatic violence. Examples of flags include, but are not limited to, sexual situations, dramatic/real dead bodies, and offensive language.

AETN may distribute the program in its entirety, including any and all titles and credits, at its discretion, or preempt its scheduled release for any reason.

The producer grants "AETN Student Selects" the non-exclusive rights to reproduce any part of the film and to exhibit the film by any medium for the purposes of broadcast/screening or its promotion. This includes its online distribution through the AETN website and/or a third party, such as YouTube.

In addition the producer guarantees that he/she has obtained all the necessary permissions and clearances to enter this film and that the film and all of its elements and/or screening of the film does not infringe on the copyrights of any third party. Any claims made by any person or entity against the film, actors, crew, locations, or any other party are entirely the responsibility of the producer. The producer also assures guidelines specified on this page.

Special Rules and Guidelines

Arkansas Historic Places Student Film Prize

The Arkansas Historic Places Student Film Prize sponsored by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program and the Arkansas Humanities Council in partnership with AETN honors documentaries made by high school students about a historic property that is at least fifty years old or older. Sites do not have to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places, although they may be, but must be a building, archeological site, or other site with historic significance.

A prize will also be provided by Preserve Arkansas for winning films focusing on properties currently on the Most Endangered Places list.

Thea Foundation Young Filmmaker Scholarships (Graduating Seniors)

The Thea Foundation is designed to help kids find confidence, self-worth and perspective through creative expression. A $2,500 scholarships is available for each of the following categories: Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography, and Editing. Scholarships will be awarded to the student's institution of choice, regardless of planned major, GPA or test scores. Visit for complete rules and to submit your film for a Thea Scholarship.