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Chuck’s Blog – “Exploring Arkansas: August 2017”

Hiking through the breathtaking Marinoni Scenic Area, hanging out with the precision riding team known as the “Old Fort Days Dandies,” fiddling around at the Arkansas Fiddlers Convention and visiting the Birdhouse Capital of America – it’s all coming up during a brand new episode of “Exploring Arkansas” on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

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Annette Herrington Elected AETN Commission Chair

AETN is proud to announce that Annette Herrington has been elected as AETN Commission chair by her fellow AETN Commission members for fiscal year 2018. Herrington, who is a certified public accountant and was appointed to the AETN Commission as District 2 representative in March 2012, looks forward meeting the needs of Arkansas through educational offerings and local programming during her tenure as chair.

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Guest Blogger Jacob Levy — Viewing Artists in New Ways

What more can we learn about the person behind all those flower paintings? The Art Assignment’s series Art Cooking gives insights into to the life Georgia O’Keeffe. I contemplate how this video changed how I think about O’Keeffe and how this way of looking at artists can change the way we view art.

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Share Summertime Adventures With “Flat Kratts”

Going on a summer adventure? PBS KIDS can share it with us and their favorite “Wild Kratts” characters! Whether you’re traveling somewhere new, sightseeing in the neighborhood or exploring the outdoors, we want to see how you’re learning and having fun this summer! Find out how you can get a free “Flat Kratts” printable and join us for new summer series that take you on adventures to some of the world’s most amazing places and cultures after the jump.

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“Bell Ringer” Earns Two Telly Awards

We’re proud to announce that “Bell Ringer: The Invisible Brain Injury” — an AETN-original film exploring concussions — has been honored with two Telly Awards in the 38th annual, international competition. The documentary was awarded a Silver Telly — the competition’s highest honor — for “General Documentary: Individual” and a Bronze Telly for “General Education.”

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Arkansas Week July 28, 2017

(Medical marijuana) Rollout of legal, medical marijuana in Arkansas is halfway home. (Commerce) What's an entrepreneur got to do to turn her empty lot into lucrative pot? (Patients) Plus, for Arkansans living with a host of chronic conditions, from muscle spasms to ALS – when can they give this new, old therapy, a try? (Control) It's the health department's responsibility to ensure quality. How can they be sure the medical MJ is A-OK?

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El Latino Julio 2017

Esta vez platicando sobre los múltiples parques, ríos, lagos, cavernas, y diversas actividades al aire libre que ofrece este magnífico 'estado natural' de Arkansas. This time talking about the many parks, rivers, lakes, caverns, and various outdoor activities that this magnificent 'natural state' of Arkansas offers.

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Barnes and... A Conversation With Betsy Singleton Snyder

Author, wife, mother of four children, pastor, a former missionary and blogger Betsy Singleton Snyder talks about her new book "Stepping On Cheerios: Finding GOD in the Chaos and Clutter of Life."

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Arkansas Week July 21, 2017

(Senate) Another attempt is expected to pass a Republican healthcare bill. (Cotton & Boozman) Arkansas's two senators finally speakup on the issue, but how does their position compare with the governor's. (Michael Maggio) A former circuit judge begins a prison sentence for bribery. But an appeal and investigation continue. (EPA) And the head of the Environmental Protection Agency visits Arkansas touting changes in regulations.

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