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AETN Engage Blog

Chef’s Talk: “Cook With Brooks: Pigs Are Big”
Pork is indisputably big in Southern cuisine, and Arkansas boasts some excellent pigs that make you realize why! On this week’s episode of “Cook with Brooks,” we are visiting two Arkansas pork farms: Hanna Family Ranch in Bentonville and Bansley's Berkshire Ridge Farm in Harrison. Come with us to get to know the farmers and learn about the Black Heritage Hog and Berkshire breeds on Saturday, April 1, at 5 p.m.

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“Cook With Brooks” — Kale and Bacon Frittata
As we saw in our recent episode “Hail to Kale,” this superfood is so versatile! It’s also easy to grow in the Ozarks compared to a lot of leafy vegetables and, since it can be grown throughout the year, you’ll want to hang on to this Kale and Bacon Frittata recipe. It’s one that the whole family will enjoy!

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Beyond “Dream Land” - A Walk Down Historic West 9th Street
Upcoming AETN original documentary “Dream Land: Little Rock’s West 9th Street” gives voice to the stories of the individuals and patrons who built the capital city’s historic African-American business district. Join Mosaic Templars Cultural Center for a special walking tour to explore 9th Street as it exists today and learn about the historic African American businesses and points of interest it was home to Saturday, April 1, beginning at 1 p.m.

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Between the Bytes With Mary Kate: The Doc Is In
Come explore the worlds of science, feminism and glass ceiling breaking in the newest post from Between the Bytes. Whether you are a college student trying to diagnose yourself without going to the doctor or just looking for a good laugh, “Frankenstein M.D.” from PBS Digital Studios has something for you!

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“Dream Land: Little Rock’s West 9th Street” Preview Screening
For decades, Little Rock’s West 9th Street and the Dreamland Ballroom have waited to tell the stories of the entrepreneurs and patrons who brought them to life. Explore them in a special sneak preview of the AETN original documentary “Dream Land: Little Rock’s West 9th Street” held in partnership with Arkansas Sounds Friday, March 31, at 7 p.m. in CALS Ron Robinson Theater. While the event is free and open to the public, reservations are required. Learn how to reserve your seats after the jump.

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Agri Arkansas March 2017
This March, Agri Arkansas flies high with Arkansas agriculture. Plus we take a look at the Faulkner County Library's demonstration garden. Guests include agriculture aviator Michael Hutchins and Faulkner County Library Garden Programmer Sean Ott.

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Arkansas Week March 24, 2017
(Showdown) Obamacare, Trumpcare and Arkansas's congressmen. (VPOTUS) A visit from the veep, to what end? (Optics) King-Lee, one PR problem solved, but do others threaten? (RSA) And with the session near its end, how to spend?

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Hail to Kale
This episode visits Ozark Alternatives Farm in Lowell, Arkansas. Owner Paul Chapracki shares how he and his family have been growing food for over eight years. Chapracki has found a niche working directly with restaurants and businesses to make local food available. Local business Native Nectar does something a little different with the farm's fresh greens - juicing. In the kitchen, Brooks creates a Kale and Bacon Frittata.

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Arkansans Ask: Parks and Tourism
Arkansas is home to 52 state parks, many attractions and special events: learn what they have to offer in a special episode of "Arkansans Ask." Representatives of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism will join host Steve Barnes live in studio to discuss the growing industry of tourism and its importance to the state's economy.

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