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PBS Educational Resource PD Training Oct. 15

Posted on 27 Sep 2013

 PBS KIDS Island

You and your students are more than familiar with the wide range of programs an beloved characters on AETN and PBS, but did you know that we also offer a wide range of innovative educational resources?

Find out what's available Tuesday, Oct. 15, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in our PBS Educational Resources professional development training. AETN Early Childhood Education Coordinator Amy Routt will introduce valuable information about the resources PBS offers through AETN at no cost. Join us for an in-depth look at AETN PBS LearningMedia, PBS KIDS Island and PBS TeacherLine!

To register or for more information about the class, contact Amy at aroutt@aetn.org or 501-682-4176. We hope to see you there!

PBS Educational Resources Training
Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2013
6:30-7:30 p.m.

AETN Studios
350 S. Donaghey Ave., Conway
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  • Can't wait to see how the cookbook turns out! - Katie
  • We love Doc Martin but would like to see more updated seasons. Will there be more for us to see? Thanks - Sandra Leek
  • Hi Sandra! We're so glad to hear that you're enjoying "Doc Martin," and we have good news. While broadcast rights were not available in time for us to transition seamlessly into Season 6 when we finished Season 5 in early October, they have been secured! We'll finish reairing Seasons 3-5 in the spring and currently plan to start "Doc Martin: Season 6" in April or May of 2014. - AETN
  • I am attending the workshop today via the internet at Crowley's Ridge Educational Cooperative in Harrisburg, Arkansas. I did not receive a resource guide. My address is: Kathy Hodge Gosnell High School 600 Hwy 181 Blytheville, Arkansas 72315 Thank you! - Kathy Hodge
  • Hi Kathy! Thanks for letting us know; we've passed your information along to our education specialists, and they said they would mail your guide tomorrow. We appreciate your joining us! - AETN
  • Our favorite memory of the cat in the hat was on out trip to Universal Studios Florida in August 2013 when my grandson Ayden and his friend Chance got to meet The cat in the hat and have their pictures taken! They had a wonderful time and really enjoyed meeting this crazy cat! - Tammy Powell
  • I have lots of christmas memories but I have to share the newest this year.. we cant stop "reliving it" and laughing about it.. me and the kids came down to mamoo's house(grandma). Well mommy forgot to call ahead and let mamoo know we were coming. We arrive and mamoo comes to sit on the porch since it was nice out. My daughter(3yrs old,very articulate,smarty pants and dramatic all in one) says "I need to go to the bathroom" She opens mamoo's glass storm door.. walks in.. takes about 2 seconds for door to slowly shut and make the clicking noise upon shutting.. as soon we hear the door click we hear about 2 or 3 thump thumps (feet running short distance back to the door) My daughter burst back out the door and yells "YOU GOT ME A BIKE?!!" ... We all just freeze looking at each other like uh oh.. I wanted to bust about laughing.. were fighting to find the words to tell her its not hers.. my mom says "its the girl down the streets" and I say "YA UPS delivered to wrong house" It was suppose to be a santa gift and we didnt want to ruin the surprise. Now Everytime we go to store and see a bike we cant help but say "YOU GOT ME A BIKE?!!" ... Knowing my smarty pants daughter I'm sure that christmas morning she will see the bike and say "SEE I TOLD YOU YOU GOT ME A BIKE!!"..I will be sure to have the video camera out to capture it.. sure hope she still has the excitement in her voice and eyes christmas morning as she did the other day upon seeing it!! Wished I would have just happened to have a camera out to get the first reaction though lol - Jennifer Garner
  • One of my favorite Christmas memories is going to my Grandma's house for Christmas dinner. My uncle Randy would play the guitar and the whole extended family would sing every Christmas song anyone could think of. He always had even the littlest kids sing a part. Someone would read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. And someone would always bring out a Dr. Seuss book to have the littlest ones recite! - Monica
  • Thanks so much, everyone, for sharing your wonderful Christmas memories with us! Congratulations, Monica! You were drawn as our winner. Please send an email with your shipping information to: marketing@aetn.org. - AETN
  • I feel really respected him as a good example for all symbols of the country. In every issue, he is a brave man - Para juego
  • Info on Grant Co Museum in Sheridan - Joyce McCasland
  • Thank you for a wonderful program! I told my sister about it in MN and gave her the address where she can order a copy. Loved the stories, the pictures, it was just a great program! Thanks again. - Edi Edwards
  • i caught part of the documentary on Monday - when will it be broadcast again? - Bob Baine
  • Wonderful! How do I send a photo representing Imagination Library? - Bertie Wells
  • When is season 3 going to start ?? I can't wait I just discovered PBS is showing the BBC series and I am a big fan .. - Doug C
  • I have missed every showinqg of the documentary "Champion Trees". Will it be shown again. I signed up for an email reminder for the next showing, but never received a reminder email. - Gena Norris
  • Are you serious??? Is this a joke? I thought this was suppose to be how to learn to paint. You can't learn anything with this JOKER, BOB ROSS POSER, want to be. Dude there was one Bob Ross ONE!!! Get original!!! This is the choppiest crappiest editing I have ever seen. PBS must be aweful desperate to put something like this on the air. - Gary
  • I watched the first show, but I was not very impressed. Kevin doesn't paint in real time like Bob Ross and also Kevin copies paintings by other artists. - Chad
  • Can you bicycle on this wonderful levee? Do you need permission from Corps of Engineers? Where can I get a map of this area all the way to the Gulf? Great program last night! Thanks! - Patricia V. MacDonald
  • We missed this. Will it be aired again? - Sue Egger
  • Hi, Chad and Gary! We hope you'll give Kevin a few more episodes for a chance to win you over, but appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us. It's definitely a new series and will mature over time. - AETN
  • You're more than welcome, Edi! We're so glad that you enjoyed it, and hope that your sister does, too. It was great fun for us to put together; we love letting our friends know more about these extraordinary trees and the people who care for them. - AETN
  • Yes, you can bicycle on it, but there's not much room to move over when vehicles pass you. Other than the Levee Tour brochure that's available at Lake Chicot State Park, (870-265-5480) I'm not sure if there is a detailed map of the levee all the way to the Gulf ... unless Corps of Engineers has one. Yes - episode will be aired again Sunday, April 13, at 5 p.m. It also can be viewed online - either at aetn.org/exploringarkansas or youtube.com/exploringarkansas. - Chuck Dovish
  • Hi Joyce! You can find out more about the Grant County Museum in Sheridan, Ark., at www.grantcountymuseumar.com - AETN
  • Hi Bob! We're sorry that we missed your comment earlier; it was caught in our filter. Our next broadcast will be on AETN-3 on April 29 at 6 p.m. You may also email us at info@aetn.org to be placed on a notification list for future air dates! - AETN
  • Hi Gena! We're sorry that you weren't notified of the air dates; we certainly want you to be able to watch with us! The next scheduled air date is Tuesday, April 29, at 6 p.m. on AETN-3. If you don't mind going to the trouble, please email us at marketing@aetn.org, and we'll speak to our Programming Department to be sure you're added to the notification list for future air dates. Thank you for watching with us! - AETN
  • Thanks, Bertie! We're sorry we're just seeing your comment; it was caught in our filter. You can email us an Imagination Library photo at marketing@aetn.org. We look forward to seeing it! - AETN
  • I can not believe PBS would air something with cuts I CANT EVEN paint along and what a slap in the face to BOB ROSS!! I will not be supporting AETN no more I use to donate but I wont be doing that crap anymore! PBS/AETN you have let me down big time!!!!!!!! PBS remove this garbage! Paint With Kevin what a joke!! - Jim
  • Hi, Jim. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We understand that not every viewer will enjoy every program, and we regret that you will choose not to support AETN any longer because of a single program we air. We hope, in time, you will reconsider as you view other programs you enjoy watching. We do provide options for flagging your donations so that they may support other program areas, and you may learn more about those options or steps you may take to alter your donation status by emailing our Viewer Services Department at info@aetn.org. - AETN
  • WOW I could not believe the PBS would put something on the air that is not even youtube quality what a joke really? AETN I have seen better on Youtube then this clown! what a joke I have lost all respect for AETN and PBS!! - Sam
  • Thank You... My grandson Cameron had a great time getting his picture taken with The Cat in the Hat. We had to come home and read all of our Cat in the Hat books. It brought back wonderful memories. I thank you for the information packet. - Vickie Jones
  • You're more than welcome, Vickie! We're so excited that Cameron enjoyed visiting Cat ... and even more thrilled that it inspired him to go home an read with you. We loved having the opportunity to come out and visit! We're truly grateful to our friends at Mercy and Fort Smith Public Library for making Saturday possible. - AETN
  • I think Kevin is very talented. Love watching him paint, my only comment would be that (and I think I speak for a lot of viewers) I would rather see a less detailed painting from start to finish, than a more detailed painting with edits. Even if he is just blending or repeating steps. As is, we cannot paint with Kevin, but rather all we can do is watch Kevin paint. Regardless I enjoy the program, I wish him luck. - Dan Emmer
  • I like Kevin's Paintings, however I think I speak for many viewers in that I would like to watch a less detailed painting from start to finish, than a more detailed painting with edits. As the show is now, it is not paint with Kevin, but watch Kevin paint. - Dan
  • Hi, Dan! Thank you for your thoughtful critique. We're glad you enjoy the program and appreciate your sharing your thoughts. As we're asked for input, we'll be sure to pass your suggestions along. In the meantime, we're glad to hear that you'll be watching with us! - AETN
  • thank you for letting me know that I didn't win.But I will try next year. - sarahi loza
  • Absolutely, Sarahi! We're so glad that you entered this year, and can't wait to read your story next time. - AETN
  • So glad for this series! I've been following Kevin on Youtube for a long time, and I think his style is distinctve, even though he uses the same method as many other artists. I watch the episodes posted online so I can replay over and over, as much as I want. - Sara
  • Thank you, Sara, for letting us know that you're enjoying "Paint With Kevin"! We're glad that you can watch with us on AETN, now, and use Kevin's online videos to augment the experience. We think that's an excellent idea! - AETN
  • I would like to thank all the teachers in my life, past and present. - Patricia Fine
  • I 've been following Kevin on You Tube and I think he is a very talanted young artist . I Love his work. I've notised he is a bit like Bob Ross on You Tube but so what ? In my opinion he is actually an even better artist. Bob was absolutely a great artist who has inspired me much but now I think it's time for Kevin. Best of luck to you in the future. - Krister ( hobby artist from Sweden ).
  • I love his art. I've been following him on Youtube from Sweden . So what If he's like Bob Ross ? I actually think Kevin is a better artist. Get off his back and let him progress. Do your thing man. Dont listen to every stupid comment. You rock!! - Krizz
  • I love his art. I've been following him on Youtube from Sweden . So what If he's like Bob Ross ? I actually think Kevin is a better artist. Get off his back and let him progress. Do your thing man. Dont listen to every stupid comment. You rock!! - Krizz
  • I love his art. I've been following him on Youtube from Sweden . So what If he's like Bob Ross ? I actually think Kevin is a better artist. Get off his back and let him progress. Do your thing man. Dont listen to every stupid comment. You rock!! - Krizz
  • I'm shocked at how negative some folks are. Kevin is a very talented young man. Although the episodes are edited from start to finish of a painting, I believe if a person is serious about learning, they Can learn from his technique and examples. I appreciate the detail he adds. I also enjoyed Bob Ross ...and I think Bob Ross would appreciate Kevin Hill sharing his talent. Thank you Kevin and AETN. - Cindy
  • I've just finished watching the Memorial Day concert as I have for some time. It always touches me and even though it does it every time it still surprises me. Each time I think I gain more of an appreciation of what our soldiers have done for us, One day I saw a gentleman from the services and I stopped him and thanked him for what he was doing which was keeping us-me- free. How do you thank someone who is willing to loose their life for you? There just aren't words for that but I did what I felt I really wanted to that day and he said he would tell his troops and then he thanked me. That surprised me, that he would be thanking me. I have something on my heart that I really want to say to our people in uniform. I think it is easy to feel less of a person when you find yourself home after suffering in the field all over the world and you are still suffering - either physically, or mentally or any other way. But what I think is that you are our BEST. You are the cream of the crop of all people in our land and I am so PROUD OF YOU. I think it would be incredibly great if you could hear this from even just a part of us out hear that haven't met you. BUT PLEASE, PLEASE TRY AND REMIND YOURSELVES OF THIS DURING THE HEALING AND ALL THE READJUSTING. Again, THANK YOU! You all really are 'the greatest" - Judy Goshman
  • Will this concert air re-air? If so, date/time? - Julie Wilhelm
  • Judy, thank you so much for sharing. We're so happy to hear you enjoyed the concert and deeply appreciate your sharing your thanks and thoughts to our nation's armed service members, past and present. Julie, we'll be airing the concert again this Friday, May 30, at 8 p.m. - AETN
  • Like so many others, I too have been watching Kevin on youtube. As a retired person, I started to paint with oils watching old Bob Ross videos. I am now painting again after seeing Kevin Hills youtube. paintings. My suggestion for people who want a full painting in one setting and those who wish for more detail would be to ask Kevin to highlight one feature every program. Detailed trees in one full painting, detailed water in another full painting and detailed mountains...This way we could get over time, the in-depth instruction that many of us crave. I don't know how to address the people who want both high quality and un-edited programs. I wish I could express how much I enjoy your programs. - Tim
  • Hello Mr. Dovish, I am looking on google maps around the Helena area, north and south, and it shows several areas where Arkansas and Mississippi swap sides of the river. Is this correct or just bad google mapping? Thanks, we enjoy your show every week. - Jake Sinclair
  • Hello Mr Dovish. As a native grown citizen of this wonderful State of Arkansas, I have chosen to spend my time at home in Arkansas. Life had its little sojourn out of Arkansas for me, yet I came back Home, by choice. I have enjoyed your career of showcasing ever beautiful place that we have at our front yard, You have a wonderful knack at describing the beauty as well as tell the story of our colorful history. I thank you for what you have done for all Arkansans, and all that you are trying to tell. Keep up the great work. - Van Brown
  • I have only recently started watching Kevin on You tube and am very impressed with his talent. What I enjoyed even more than the beautiful creations he paints is that he has such a calm and soothing demeanor while he's painting and explaining his technique. As some people have also suggested it would be nice if he could focus on a particular aspect of the painting with greater detail during filming whether it be clouds, trees, shading, or mixing color. All the best in your future as a great upcoming artist. Marguerite - Marguerite
  • I to, am amazed at the extremely harsh critique of Kevin's program. Those of us who began watching Bill Alexander before he handed the torch to Bob were surprised by the editing but Kevin does not have the experience that both of his predecessors, Bill and Bob, had with the technique and television. Many don't know that when Bob worked he was painting from a painting off camera that he had previously done. Kevin will develope his own style and personality if his detractors and networks will give him the necessary time. - Wayne
  • An old friend of William and Bob I know they would be happy to see another take up the torch for the Wet on Wet Technique. Besides talent is talent, and Kevin has it! - Jan
  • I would like 250 packets for our Summer Daze program at Episcopal Collegiate School in Little Rock. If this amount is not possible, please send whatever amount we are allowed. Thank you! - Rettina Olive Hill
  • Kevin and AETN...Thank you for the wonderful instructional program. I was so impressed with it that I went out and bought what I needed to "Paint with Kevin." To the naysayers...it's a 30 minute program. In that short time, Kevin does a remarkable job of demonstrating the basics to so we can recreate the paintings he shares. I feel no need to see the same strokes repeated over and over until the painting is completed. I would find it beneficial if information was included regarding paint consistency, how much paint to load on palette knife when doing mountains, etc. My paint rather blurred together the first time I tried to imitate his mountain technique. I know that will improve with repeated attempts (I don't expect to paint my first time as well as he does on his umpteenth). However, Kevin provides a wonderful program as it stands. I hope there are many more coming. - Cynthia
  • We certainly can, Rettina! Could you please post or email us (aroutt@aetn.org) your mailing information? - AETN
  • Shame on you all you humbugs. Bob Ross would probably be the first to say good job Kevin. I love all the detail in Kevins paintings. Bob Ross had his canvases prepped with liquid white or had them masked off and ready to go. So we didn't see everything he did either, if we want to get picky. I thing Kevin is an amazing young man. Love to hear him talk, and it is fascinating to see what he creates. Kevin Hill, Bob Ross and Jerry Yarnell are set to record every Saturday. I am a long time artist and love to watch a young artist like Kevin. He will inspire thousands to pick up their brushes and palet knife. - Shelia
  • The BEST performance of the Star Spangled Banner we have ever heard. The National Anthem was sung by a military man whose name we sadly missed, to start the celebration by the KC orchestra. He did an awsome job and I wish I could shake his hand and thank him. - John Sheppard
  • Look forward to the event. - Debbie Eckert
  • Kevin Hill is the best. Thank you PBS Fans of Bob Ross, please calm down. Kevin is really Great - Dusan
  • I'm very ashamed at all the disrespectful comments on here. Think about Bob Ross's legacy about his life mission. Getting people to enjoy painting! It was never a competition to him and just a happy thing to share with as much people as he could. For the first time I feel there is somebody with the talent who is ready to step up to bat and help spread the word just as whole heartedly as Bob has in his day. Sure he maybe be younger and not have all the great wisdom and finesse to his instruction as Bob did but give him time to grow into his own niche. I know Bob would be very proud even Bill Alexander. Good luck Kevin. - Paul
  • sure would like to see him on KCTS 9 PBS would that be possible. - Ann Davies
  • I have all three of Amy's CDs. Lots of great tunes! Should be difficult to pick the best ones for a show. - Marc Turner
  • We agree, Marc. It will be hard to pick ... but that's an excellent problem to have! Hope we'll get to see you at the show tonight. - AETN
  • Love the show and the paintings. Always love the Bob Ross shows and I think there's plenty of room for Kevin Hill. Good choice AETN. - Gary
  • Will you do shows on "Fallen Flag" railroads?? If you do I would like to see one on the "Arkansas Southern Railroad". That is the independent railroad I have named my layout. Thanks. - David Baker
  • I've watched Kevin on YouTube for quite some time now and I am so excited to see that he has his own show! The videos on YouTube are often between 11-12 minutes and with these 30 minute shows, he included a lot of the steps missing. His paintings are much more detailed than Bob Ross. I love Bob and watched his shows growing up and I think he would be happy to see Kevin paint! To all of the harsh commentators: how very disappointing it is to read such nastiness. - Tara
  • Thank you, David. If "Steel Rails" is a success, hopefully we can continue to produce more railroad productions and certainly look at the history of some of Arkansas's "Fallen Flags." - Mark Andrews, "Steel Rails in Arkansas" Producer/Director
  • I would like to thank everyone who attended the Jacksonville Train Show for stopping by the AETN table and checking out the "Steel Rails In Arkansas" preview. I will keep everyone posted on a release date for the show. Mark Andrews, "Steel Rails In Arkansas" Producer/ Director. - Mark Andrews
  • I found Kevin's show today by accident, and immediately set up a series recording. I am a big fan of Bob Ross, and immediately recognized the similarities. Kevin is not Bob, but WHO CARES? I don't think he's trying to be. He's a talented artist whose style and mannerisms evoke memories of Bob; that's all. Having done several "Bob" paintings from DVD, I know that I have benefited more from seeing detailed explanations of technique, rather than just the quick 30 minute episodes. I have no issues with Kevin's program as it is, but I think there is always room for improvement. Perhaps a quick 5 minute call-out session where he elaborates on a specific technique? (E.g. how to make rocks, how to paint sunbeams, how to get your paint to stick, etc.) - Don
  • Do Kevin teaches clases with student when and where - Monica Fernandez
  • Mark Andrews, AETN has tons of Missouri Pacific Lines footage, especially around Conway, from the 70's and 80's in the archives, also Cotton Belt 819 in a few segments from the past. Railfans would love to see these. - Damon Poole
  • Mark Andrews, AETN has tons of Missouri Pacific Lines footage, especially around Conway, from the 70's and 80's in the archives, also Cotton Belt 819 in a few segments from the past. Railfans would love to see these. - Damon Poole
  • do you have any better directions to bluffton? - brad
  • Thank you, Damon. We hope to use the piece you're referring to as bonus footage in "Steel Rails in Arkansas," and, if not, we're planning to share it online where you can view it. - Mark Andrews
  • How do I get a copy of Oct 6th show? - Cherie Stephens
  • Hello Lance Turner, Speaking of which, If you were running the program, how would you save money?Here are a couple of examples to consider:1. Eliminate the middleman in claims processing. Have Medicare clams processed directly by HHS employees and not contract this business out to private insurance companies.2. Stop the practice of paying outrageous rental fees for durable medical equipment like wheelchairs, feeding pumps, specialty to beds used in treating pressure sores, etc. Buy these items outright, and when the patient no longer needs them, transfer them to another patient. What are your ideas? Regards. - Maudy
  • Hi Guys, I'm a doctor training in internal medicine and this whole cholesterol issue is far more subtle and complicated than a simple soundbite on Lifehacker could clarify (which is understandable). I think the issue with cardiovascular risk is more related to LDL cholesterol particularly from genetic factors influencing how cholesterol is handled in the body. While I fully agree that the longstanding 'dietary theory' of heart disease i.e. eating high cholesterol foods causes heart attacks is a bit of a myth that's not to say that a high fat diet has no deleterious effects but that blood cholesterol levels do correlate with an increased risk. Interesting that a non-medical blog would raise such a subtle issue though and credit to you guys for discussing it in such an interesting way. - Love
  • Even in the program description the wording is a bit concerning. It describes Autism as a heartbreaking disorder that has come out of nowhere. I understand that for parents having the diagnosis for Autism would be absolutely heartbreaking, however I feel that there is a lot more hope out there than some may realize and like to steer parents in the direction of hope-bringing resources, like Autism Speaks. Some cases are absolutely devastating in that the child is very severe and may never speak, but there is so much research going on right now, hope should be alive. No one is asking you to place your child in a mental institution and forget about them as was done back in the day . Instead, people are stepping up and helping each other, as you can see through the Autism Speaks facebook website, among other web and community resources.As for the statement that it came out of nowhere, I recently read an article that discussed whether or not Autism diagnoses have increased due to an increase in the actual disorder or an increase in the ability to diagnose it. I agreed with the article in that I felt it was a bit of a combination. I think awareness has skyrocketed, providing for more diagnoses, specifically for the more mild cases, but I feel there may be some sort of biological aspect to it as well. - Mboiez
  • Is there assistance available for a man who feels he has lost his manly hood through illness. I believe it causes him symptoms of PTSD. What advice should I give him? - Maggie Edgerton
  • Good morning, Mboiez! Could you let us know to which program you're referring? "Champion Trees" explores the largest trees of their species in Arkansas, as well as the people who care for them, and "LOUPE: Magnifying the Arts in Arkansas" highlights Arkansas artists' work. Since these programs don't discuss Autism, we want to be certain of whether you're referring to another AETN program (which we can address) or another Mid-America EMMY nominated film. - AETN
  • Good morning, Maudy sand Love! Could you clarify a little bit for us which programs you're referring to? Lance Turner often joins us for "Arkansas Week" and will be with us for portions of "Election 2014: AETN Debates." And, Love, "108˚: Critical Response" is focused on the causes, effects and prevention of exertional heat illness. If each of you could let us know, we'll be better able to forward and address your questions! - AETN
  • this debate is a sham and a farce! 20 something years ago a white racist Klansman Ralph Forbes filed a lawsuit and asked to be part of the congressional debate of which to legally he was by the Secretary of election division After he gathered enough signatures to be on the ballot legally The powers that be at that time decided not to have him included Forbes decided to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court and he lost . That ruling would affect all none political party entities for the next 20 years in the state of Arkansas so little tony brooks the director of ATM Arkansas public television you can have it your way , in the words of a Burger King ad ,we both can have it our way and I'm going to have it my way100%. - Charles neely
  • I was a member of a socail justice group when I was in university. Our fundraisers consisted mostly of bake sales. Sometimes we would set up a table during clubs week and during other times of the year with information about our club and just to make people aware of the issues we were concerned about. We also held get togethers such as potlucks at a group member's house just to visit and discuss plans for fundraising.When I was in junior high we had to complete a certain number of hours of volunteer work every school year. One place I volunteered was the humane society in my area. You may already be aware of this if it exists in your humane society but you can volunteer there as a dog walker because those dogs are usually desperate for a walk. - Shivani
  • As another viewer commented, how can we obtain a copy of the Oct. 6th show and/or be able to view full program on AETN.org? - Patricia Arnold
  • Hi Cherie and Patricia! We're still waiting on an answer for the DVD availability (the requests have to go through a few layers since we don't typically make individual episodes available), but, if you'd like to watch online, just go to the "Exploring Arkansas" page (aetn.org/exploringarkansas) and click on the link for the October show. You can also watch on the "Exploring Arkansas" YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/exploringarkansas. - AETN
  • Maria Bacigalupo / Is it possible that each of your voiecs is even better than the last time I heard you? Holy smokes! I wish all I had to do was to hear you at every concert you do, but since that is not possible, thank you so much for sharing this special moment and also Justin whom I have never heard. Blessings all! - Renata
  • Glennis Camilleri / Liked both videos with the Tenors very much.I'll be sceiahrng out some more of Justins. Will a DVD of the PBS show be available for the public to purchase? I'm hoping so & it would be wonderful if you could provide info on how to order it. Just tell me where to send my money. Thank-you & good luck to you all. Cheers, Glennis - Jose
  • Great carvings! - Harold DeWayne Garrett
  • Thanks, Harold! We agree - we knew we worked with talented folks, but they really knocked these contest entries out of the park. - AETN
  • Jim Lindsey is a real estate maggot, not magnate. I am a graduate of the Walter J. Lemke School of Journalism (Class of 1974) and have lived in a Lindsey apartment complex in Texarkana. I dispute the contention that Jim Lindsey is anything more than a rich, slum lord. - Jim Newsom
  • - more more Sherlock love all saturday night lineup
  • What's up with all the haters on here, Kevin Hill is a very talented artist, if he learned anything it is the grace and love of painting from Bob Ross as a teacher, but he has his own unique talent that he is building. I learn something new every time I watch him paint!!! - Darla Holiday
  • Many of us will miss Ted Bailey's presence on this earth, and were blessed to have fine and intelligent conversations with him over the years. He was a warm, kind, and truly elegant man, very deserving of this fine tribute. - Shirley
  • This is awesome. Way to go Dan! - Khim Aday
  • How do I get your materials and donate to aetn? - Mitzi Garlington
  • Hi Mitzi! Materials associated with the programs are thank-you gifts for your donations and tickets to upcoming events are available through the AETN Foundation Box Office. You can make a donation by phone at 1-800-662-2386 or online at www.aetnfoundation.org (links are posted at the top of the page). If you have any questions or difficulties with the online donation form, please feel free to call (again, at 1-800-662-2386) or email info@aetn.org. Thank you so much for your interest and question! - AETN
  • YOU GO KEVIN!! Your paintings are beautiful..wish I had your talent. If you could put several paintings on one dvd it would be great..just slow down a little for us beginners! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talant! - Marilyn
  • I have been following Kevin when he first started at 16, he has a gift to be able to paint and be able to convoy it back to the viewers on how he has achieved that look. The tools needed and the paint colors. It is a craft one which everyone can do with practice using the technec he shows during the painting in which he is working on at the time. The reason he uses and explains each step is not so you can paint along with him, however it is so you may practice just what he did show us. He is an artist in his own right, he to was given guides and shown how to use the tools, he practice and is sharing what he was taught...Shame on the ones who are opiating with hateful words. There is a channel button use it change the channel. - Ann Marie
  • http://www.aetn.org/engage/blog/bake_for_the_holidays_with_pbs_food - ahamcell
  • I like the way kevin paint he's a professional painter keep the good work up - David Walls
  • Kevin Hill is an awesome painter and host. Very inspiring...Bravo! - Ed
  • I realize it is very late, but is there a way to purchase a copy or download a copy online of the Champion Trees documentary? - Corinne
  • Hi Corrine! We just spoke with our Foundation representatives, who said that they just confirmed your order and that your DVD will be shipped soon. Please let us know, though, if you have any additional questions! - AETN
  • Ted and I reported for many a crew call over the years. Usually on a long pledge shift he and I would inevitably end up in a lively but always good natured discussion on a variety of subjects. We both shared a love of languages and Shakespeare . Countless nights while munching on pledge popcorn, we would talk over our favorite quotes from plays . Ted had a sense of exactitude, something I do not possess ( ask anyone I work with )..but we often admired how Shakespeare could say so much with an economic use of the perfect words. My strongest memories of Ted take place in Studio A on pledge nights. Whether he was talking in the kitchen ,or explaining what my job was to another visitor or scurrying in a focused frenzy to deliver the new break sheets. I will borrow from Henry V : every pledge for me will always have a " A little touch of Henry (Ted ) in the night " Godspeed, my friend. - Holly
  • I've always wanted to check out Antiques Roadshow! My grandparents and I watched the show all the time while I was growing up! - Alex Flanders
  • We're so glad that you'll have the chance, Alex! Be sure to stop by and see us if you make it out. We'd love to hear how your visit goes! - AETN
  • Will you be recruiting volunteers to work? - Beverly Watkins
  • There was great info in “Agri Arkansas” episode. I enjoyed and learn lot of new things from this episode. It was really very useful to enhance my dairy knowledge. Recently I bought milk processing equipment-separators from here http://www.abl-tech.com/en/our-activities/milk-processing-equipment. Can you share some tips about milk processing equipment and their sellers? - Milk Production
  • Hi, Beverly! At the moment, event details are still being finalized. However, we are always grateful to have volunteer support for the AETN Foundation. Please feel free to learn more by contacting our Foundation office at www.aetnfoundation.org/volunteer or 800-662-2386. - AETN
  • Not Suze again. Why can't we get Grantchester instead of all these cheap self-help programs. - Katherine Corcoran
  • I applied for tickets and never received the confirmation email that the website said I would receive. I'm concerned that my request didn't go through but don't want to take a chance on a duplicate entry. Is there any way to check on the submission? - DeAnn Rucker
  • what happened to the saturday morning sewing programs I turned in to see Suze Ormann I record when I can't see the program and to go back to refresh after each program tutorial Please Nancy Zieman, Sewing with Nancy and Fons and Porter are my favorite. What happened - kay kinnear
  • Hi, Katherine, Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us! We're glad that you're enjoying "Grantchester" on Sunday nights and will be sure to pass along your suggestions to our Foundation and Programming Departments. - AETN
  • Good morning, DeAnn, We don't manage the ticket application directly, so we aren't certain. However, we'll be sure to get in touch with our "Antiques Roadshow" contacts and let you know what we learn! - AETN
  • We're so glad that you enjoyed December's "Agri Arkansas" episode! Please forgive the delay in our reply; we were tracking down contact information. While we aren't specifically qualified to advise you on equipment purchases, we recommend contacting the Arkansas Agricutlure Deptart and their county cooperative extension office. Arkansas Livestock & Poultry Commission http://www.alpc.arkansas.gov Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission 1 Natural Resources Drive Little Rock, AR 72205 (501) 907-2400 Main Office (501) 907-2430 Lab (501) 907-2425 Fax U of A Cooperative Extension Sevice website: http://www.uaex.edu - AETN
  • Good morning, Kay, Thank you for contacting us! We aired a special "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise" weekend marathon Jan. 17-18 which preempted our regular Saturday morning programming. We'll return to our regular schedule this weekend (Jan. 24-25)! - AETN
  • It is a fine compliment to the Bob Ross legacy, to see a inspiring and gracious young man, who has been given the gift of talent and the appreciation of Bob Ross and his techniques, who in turn acquired them from Bill Alexander, and then went on to develop his own gift and style of painting, to share with others. Thank you Kevin for your dedication and for sharing with us. Inspiration comes from people like you, who truly understand..."The joy of Painting". - Ruthann
  • I ran across Kevin on Youtube accidently looking for videos on water soluble oils. I am 69 yrs old and have been painting all my life and follow Bill Alexander, Jerry Yarnell, Bob Ross, Wilson Bickford and many more. Each one has their own unique technique. I noticed right off he was soft spoken like Bob Ross and has some of the same techniques. If these artist did not want you to learn their technique why would they post on videos. Just paint and enjoy what you are painting and learn your own technique. After watching all these artists, I too have learned and use some of their techniques and I am sure Kevin has as well. The only thing I think he should do right out of the gate at the beginning of any video is to tell the beginner what he has already done to the canvas not wait until he is already painting and then spring it on the beginners. Also show your paints and tell the colors you have on the palette by their name not blue, brown, yellow, etc. Call it as it is, ultramarine blue, yellow orchre etc and you will have more happy beginners out there. Sorry to say I live where there are no more artists on tv so any new techniques, or artists I find on youtube. Keep up the good work, you can see you enjoy what you do and do not take any negative comments seriously, they can find another artist to watch. Just use my few suggestions and that's all I would change in your videos. - Trisha C
  • Will this be available on a website for later viewing? - Peter Stuckey
  • Hi, Peter! Yes, it will be uploaded to http://www.aetn.org/programs/agriarkansas after its initial broadcast. If you'd like to catch up on any of our previous episodes, links to view are available there, as well. - AETN
  • Kudos to PBS for bringing in this fine young man. We can't live in the past and this man brings inspiration and a slightly different flare...good for him and he IS an inspiration. I hope we see LOTS more of him and his work! Congratulations to PBS and Kevin. - Suzan Hackerson
  • Wow! I have just found Kevin Hill on the Internet and have sat mesmerized watching him paint. I love the realism, not someone painting one eyed women with their faces cut into sections and moved out of place. Kevin makes painting look so easy I almost think I can paint too with all I've learned by watching him paint. One thing he doesn't tell when he begins the show is the size of the canvas he uses. If he inspires me to to begin, that's something we need to know. Keep up the good work Kevin, Great job! - Barbara E Pleasant
  • Thank you, Chuck! - Courtney King Doudna
  • Love the show! Oklahoma needs a show like this! - Forrest G Adams
  • How can I buy a DVD copy of this documentary? Please let me know. Thank you! - Karen Hammon
  • How can I purchase a DVD copy of this documentary? Thank you. - Karen Hammon
  • This Kid is great...18, keep it up! - Wade
  • Great film and study. Where in So. California is the Petra facade? - Thom
  • Is it possible to visit the replica site of Petra in so. Ca,? - Sandra sewell
  • Yes, I would also like to know if this site could be visited? - Sandy Allison
  • Wow, very fascinating show and a great achievement for you Tom. I would love to see this carving in So. Cal. and I wondering if permission is possible. Thank you - Russell Manchester
  • Hi, Thom! The facade is on privately held coastal property near the Channel Islands. Dr. Paradise provides a little more detail in his earlier blog post at: https://www.aetn.org/engage/blog/behind_the_scenes_-_nova_building_wonders_petra_lost_city_of_stone - AETN
  • Good morning, all! We know that the property is privately held (and that the landholder kindly allowed NOVA crews to work and shoot there), but we're not immediately certain whether it's possible to obtain permission to visit. We'll be sure to refer your questions to Dr. Paradise and relay his answer if he's not able to post himself. - AETN
  • I will be visiting California soon. Is it possible to see the carving even though it is on private land? Fabulous show and the work done to produce it. - Kate
  • I'm really excited about Antiques Roadshow coming to Little Rock! I have been trying to save up money to go to one of the shows in a nearby state for my mom. She is a huge fan. It's nice to know the show is coming to her this year! I can't wait. - Arlena Pearsall
  • I have a book that my father Lt. Col. John Carl Meador brought back from Germany after WWII. It is a series of actual photographs of Adolf Hitler. These are not photo copies, but the actual photographs. I also have a dress sword and other various Nazi items - Helmet, Uniform, etc. My dad wrote a series of letters to my mother during the war. I have those letters. One of those letters described staying in a home during the march toward Berlin. He said the lady of the house had a baby across the hall from him. The owner of the house was an artist and painted a picture of his home and gave it to my dad. I now have that painting. Two years ago my wife and I went to Belgium and found that house and unbelievably found the lady that was born that night 65 years ago. She was just as excited to meet us as we were to meet her. She said her children and her grandchildren know the story of the American soldier that saved her life that night. - William F. Meador
  • Just by looking at the "distance" views I thought the recreation may be around the Ventura to Santa Barbara area. Is there a way to obtain permission to see this carving? - deborah eaton
  • I would love to visit the Petra replica in southern california. thanks cnorrdin@yahoo.com - chris norrdin
  • Good morning! We've heard back from Dr. Paradise and, due to liability concerns, the landholder isn't currently granting permission to visit the site. If we learn otherwise, however, we'll be sure to post contact information. - AETN
  • Thanks for responding. - chris norrdin
  • Good morning, Kate! Due to liability concerns, the landholder isn't currently granting permission to visit the site. If we learn otherwise, however, we'll be sure to post contact information! - AETN
  • I definitely looks to be up in the hills above Santa Barbara off of Route 154. - Russell H
  • This plane now is a static display outside the front gate of LRAFB. A SHORT HISTORY OF C-130A, TAIL # 56-0518 “LAST HERK OUT OF VIETNAM” The C-130A Hercules, tail # 56-0518, was the 126th built by Lockheed Aircraft corp. of Marietta, Georgia. It was accepted into the Air Force inventory on 23 August 1957. It was assigned to the 314th Troop Carrier Wing at Sewart AFB, Tennessee, from 1964 to 1972. On 2 November 1972, it was given to the South Vietnamese Air Force as part of the Military Assistance Program. A few years later, the aircraft would be involved in a tremendously historic flight. On 29 April 1975, this Herk was the last out of Vietnam during the fall of Saigon. With over 100 aircraft destroyed on the flight line at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, some of them still burning, it was the last flyable C-130 remaining. In a very panicked state, hundreds of people were rushing to get aboard, as the aircraft represented a final ticket to freedom. People hurriedly crowded into the Herk, packing in tighter and tighter. Eventually, the loadmaster informed the pilot, Major Phuong, a South Vietnamese instructor pilot, that he could not get the rear ramp closed due to the number of people standing on it. In a moment of inspiration, Major Phuong slowly taxied forward, then hit the brakes. The loadmaster called forward again stating he had successfully got the doors closed. In all, 452 people were on board, including a staggering 32 in the cockpit alone. Using a conservative estimate of 100 pounds per person, it translated into an overload of at least 10,000 pounds. Consequently, the Herk used every bit of the runway and overrun before it was able to get airborne. The target was Thailand, which should h ave been 1:20 in flight time, but after an hour and a half, the aircraft was over the Gulf of Siam, and they were clearly lost. Finally, a map was located, they identified some terrain features, and they were able to navigate. They landed at Utapao, Thai land after a three and a half hour flight. Ground personnel were shocked at what “fell out” as they opened the doors. It was clear that a longer flight would almost certainly have resulted in a loss of life. In the end, however, all 452 people made it to freedom aboard this historic C-130. Upon landing, the aircraft was reclaimed by the United States Air Force and was assigned to two different Air National Guard units for the next 14 years. On 28 June 1989, it made it’s final flight to Little Rock Air Force Base, current home of the 314th Airlift Wing, and was placed on static display. - Was there
  • Hello ~ I too submitted my application online for the Little Rock, Arkansas show (July 2015) back in January and I never received an email confirming that ticket application was received. .. How do I know it was accepted or received? What should I do? - amy
  • Good afternoon, Beverly and Amy! We contacted the "Antiques Roadshow" team and they said that if you've checked your spam folder and still not received your confirmation email, the best way to make sure you're confirmed will be to contact them by email at antiques_roadshow@wgbh.org or call their toll-free number, 888-762-3749. Please, let us know if you need further help from here! - AETN
  • Congratulations on all the hard extra work you put into educating our future leaders! It is because of dedicated teachers such as yourself that our children will be prepared for all the challenges they may face tomorrow. Thank you! - Ida Groves
  • My son and daughter had pictures taken with the cat in the hat and I was wondering if there is a way for me to get the picture. - Amy Turner
  • OMG!!!! I didnt even know this existed....this is awesome!! im a big time reader and im an also in the works author. ive been working on my book for the last 3 years now! - anna
  • We're so glad to be the conduit for such good news, Anna! Congratulations on your hard work - we look forward to hearing about your future success. We hope you are able to attend the festival this weekend. Don't forget to enter the contest for a chance to win! - AETN
  • Hi, Amy! We're waiting to receive the full collection of photos from the event coordinators but hope to have the photos posted by the end of the week. Regardless, we'll be sure to reply when they're live on flickr.com/aetntv. - AETN
  • Congratulations to our winner, Anna L.! - AETN
  • Hi, Amy! Just a quick note to let you know that the photos are now ready for download at www.flickr.com/photos/aetntv/sets/72157651679595657/. - AETN
  • i watched the show fishing below the bam in hot springs. How do I access that show again - Fred James
  • Thanks Jennifer for covering this very important program. We were very fortunate here in Little Rock to provide the forum for this Foundation. Great job! - Phil Maraige - KUAR
  • Sunday is 17 May, not 19 May. - Alita Mantels
  • National Geographic and national news services spell this Arkansas student's first name "Sojas." Please verify and correct your announcements as needed. - Alita Mantels
  • When will you be airing The Tenors "Under One Sky"? These guys are taking the USA by storm so you shouldn't miss the opportunity to show them on your broadcast. They have a huge fan base!! Their latest CD will be available in the States June 2nd I believe! - Margaret
  • Hi, Margaret! "Under One Sky" isn't currently scheduled to air on AETN, but feel free to contact us at info@aetn.org if you'd like to be notified whenever it or other Texas Tenors programs are scheduled to air. - AETN
  • Wonderful event! - Karen Hancock
  • Make My Day - Dorthy L. Ward
  • Thanks, Karen! And, Dorthy, we'd love to - be sure to share your photo with us for a chance to win! - AETN
  • I agree with you ,children must take part in these activities because these things have some good effect on the mind of children and they can learn how to solve a problem - samiullah
  • I have a 7&5 year old and live in Conway Arkansas. I found the parents section to be very informative and helpful in coping with our recent move to the area. My kids watch AETN on a regular basis and it certainly aids in their education. - Brad Adams
  • Thanks, Samiullah! We certainly hope so. It's wonderful to see kids learn to problem solve on their own, and we're grateful to "Sesame Street" for making such a helpful (and fun!) tool available! - AETN
  • Welcome to Conway, Brad! We're thrilled to have you and your family as our new neighbors. Moving is certainly a big adjustment, and we're so pleased that you found the Parents Section information helpful. Thanks for watching with us! It's always wonderful to hear that we're helping to make a difference. We hope we'll see you this October at our AETN Family Day celebration! - AETN
  • Be ready, this is tremendous. Doubters who saw the 70s version (I was one) and have no faith in the preposterously handsome Turner and surely-too-tall-for Demelza Tomlinson to deliver, record it, give it two episodes to catch you, and then go back and watch again. They are amazing, as are all the cast. Ruby Bentall especially. And beware, when you get to the season finale, you are going to need a BIG box of Kleenex. I think people heard me keening a mile away.... Such good TV. - Jane
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  • #SendMeToRoadshowAR I could not figure out how to add an image to the blog. - Terri Hatcher
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  • Hi, Terri! While we share the rules and instructions here, anyone interested in winning tickets will need to enter on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We've seen your photo on Facebook and Twitter, though, so we know you've entered! (If you have a chance today, be sure to enter on Instagram, too, to improve your odds.) Best of luck! - AETN
  • How do I get tickets to this? I have a piece of antique Disneyana that I would like to have looked at. - Dana Wilcox
  • Hi, Dana! While "Antiques Roadshow" has already awarded its official tickets, you can enter our June #SendMeToRoadshowAR social media contest for a chance to win one of six pairs of tickets through 4 p.m. today (Tuesday, June 30). We'll be drawing two winners from Facebook, two from Twitter and two from Instagram. Find the full contest rules and instructions at: https://www.aetn.org/engage/blog/win_tickets_to_little_rock_antiques_roadshow_tour_stop - AETN
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  • Thank-you. I did put a picture on Instagram, but I am not sure if I did it correctly because I am a rookie at it. Thank you for the confirmation. - Terri Hatcher
  • My 93 yr. old Dad said he thinks he traded this box for cigarettes in Iran during WWII. At the time, he was a merchant seaman delivering tanks to the British. Upon his return home he gave the box to his mother. After her death my oldest sister got the box and she recently gave it to me because I liked it and promised to get it "conserved" as the little pieces were starting to fall out. I want to find out how old this box is, what it was used for, how it was made and its value! - Beth Joerger
  • I am absolutely besot by Aidan Turner as Russ Poldark. . Those eyes, that smile, the intrigue, I want him to sweep me up on his stallion and carry me away... Oh, the dream, oh the fantasy !! Smile. - Shirley
  • This item came out of Iran with the last Shah I have no idea what to call it - Dalton brown
  • Trying to sent picturr - Pamela Ryker
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  • We really enjoyed watching the segment titled "Exploring Arkansas." Subiaco posted the info on their Facebook page and that's how we got to see it. We live in Louisiana, but have a grandson that attended Subiaco Academy last year and will have 2 going this year. We love visiting Subiaco and various parts of Arkansas. Now we can add more destinations to our "must see" list. Oh, our grandson is one of the students filmed in the documentary at Subiaco. How do we obtain a copy for a keepsake? - Susan
  • I submitted my email and was sure I would get selected...nope, was not selected and was so looking forward to going. I have some unusual old items too! When will the 2016 locations be listed so I can try again if they will be in our area, East Texas? We are only 5 hours from Little Rock and our son is stationed there. - Pam Smith
  • I have a Antonio Borsato Play Gypsy Play and a very large & heavy wooden bowl. I'm trying to upload pictures. - Sabrina Hathcock
  • I love to watch you cook. - Julie Smith
  • Do we need to register? - Jamie
  • So very proud of you Will! - Andrea Jones
  • Hi, Jamie! Our Community Education contact Karen Walker will best be able to answer your questions. You may reach her at kwalker@aetn.org or 501-682-4152. - AETN
  • Anybody can learn to fight, but in order to master the struggle you must face the trial and test those skills. To me internships are exactly that. A slight immersion into the fray of life! Proud of you man! Keep up the great work and make your dreams reality! - Adam Huskey
  • I live in Texas and couldn't watch on TV, but was hoping to watch it online - couldn't find where it is available. I did order the CD, but would love to watch it this weekend with my 91 year old mother who was born and raised in Eureka Springs. - Will Morris
  • Hi, Will! Thank you for your support of AETN! We're so glad to hear of your family ties to Eureka Springs and hope you all enjoy "EUREKA! The Art of Being." Unfortunately, while we have on-air broadcasts rights for the film, we don't currently have permission to share it on aetn.org. However, if you contact the producers at https://vimeo.com/user22239903, they may be willing to share access to a password-protected site for online viewing. - AETN
  • Loves this and will definitely share with PreK Co-workers! - Kathie Walker Brown
  • We're so glad, Kathie! We love "Oh, Noah!" and the shows approach to teaching Spanish. - AETN
  • check out the 'Guitar Walk' in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. And Google Beatles at the Ridge to plan a trip to see both - Lynn W
  • There are so many outstanding places to explore, Lynn. Tori has a few more blogs coming up - be sure to check them out and see where she goes! - AETN
  • Enjoying the program. I Love Monterey Bay Aquarium - best aquarium I've ever been to (and that was a really long time ago back in the 80's, even then it was fabulous!) - Cheryl Hankins
  • Sept. 1st - program had a recipe "Venison Mexican skillet" it is not on your site. Would like to make it, could you tell me where to find this recipe? or could you e-mail it. First time watched this program, very interesting, will keep watching this program in the future. Thank you. - Sarma Retchloff
  • Who is that fantastic narrator? What a wonderful talent! AETN is so lucky to have such a super voice to bring these stories to life - well done!!! - Captain Beyond
  • Looking forward to this show! - Billie Heslep-Meyer
  • Soldier On Service Dogs Organization here in Northwest Arkansas is an Awesome program and as far as the VA statement there does not have to be a study just watch the results in the Veteran - Steve Isaacson
  • That's pretty cool that your 50 cent tag sale find was worth hundreds! - Jessie
  • I would have asked about the chair too!. I alsways wondered what the experience of going to an ARS appraisal was like. - Michelle Brennan
  • As a professional freelance photographer I would love a chance to shoot some photos of the replica. Thank you Lubbockfotoman@yahoo.com - Ashley
  • Just got finished watching the wonderful NOVA presentation on Petra. I immediately wanted to go see the So. California replica as well, as I live north of Escondido (in So. CA). (We have lots of rock if you want to practice some more!!!) I was very impressed by the new carving in So. CA.... very, very beautiful. It would be so wonderful if Dr. Paradise would open his grounds once in awhile to Petra fans. Even once a month or once every 6 months would be great. I can understand the liability concerns, however, and I promise not to go "looking" for it. Please let us know when or if it's ever possible. - Janet Gallup
  • Thank you for watching and commenting, Ashley and Janet! Currently, the landholder does not allow visitors due to liability concerns. However, although Dr. Paradise does not own the property himself, he said he'd be sure to let us know if the landowner ever notifies him that the facade will be made available for public visits. Should notice come through, we'll be sure to post here and on the AETN Engage Blog home page! We're grateful for your interest and viewership! - AETN
  • Hello, I'd like to ask the source of the funding, whether it was State or Federal funding that was used to create the Southern California carving on private land with no public access. - Pat Erdenberger
  • Hello, Pat! While we aired "NOVA - Petra: Lost City of Stone" AETN did not produce the program, and Arkansas Educational Television Network state funds were not contributed toward its production. When we were informed about the episode's Arkansas connection, we contacted Dr. Paradise, who was generous enough to share his experience as an unpaid guest blogger. For specifics regarding "NOVA" funding, we suggest contacting presenting station WGBH's viewer services. Details are available at: http://main.wgbh.org/wgbh/pages/mag/about/contact.html - AETN
  • Good show, and good results. - Dr Mohamed Nezami
  • As an architect by schooling and training, I have been an enthusiast of architectural photography since my undergrad days. Guerrero along with Shulman have great inspirations to me. Looking forward to this event. Thank you for hosting it. - Kev Mequet
  • When will these air again? Beautiful. - lreeseharper@cox.net
  • Hi Dan my name is jimmy Kelloms I am the maintenance engineer for Arkansas Flag and Banner I'm interested in the work your doing because I'm in the dreamland ballroom most every day it is an amazing place so rich with history do you know when the documentary is coming out - jimmy kelloms
  • Hi, Jimmy! First, thank you for the important work you do. We've been privileged to see a bit of Dreamland's restoration first-hand and are grateful that it's being preserved for future generations! While we don't yet have a final air date, "Dreamland Ballroom" is currently slated to premiere in Spring 2016. We'll certainly be announcing details as we draw closer to the premiere, so be sure to keep an eye on aetn.org! - AETN
  • I loved my Antiques Roadshow experience; can't wait till the episodes air! - Shirley Kirk Pickle
  • We're so glad, Shirley! Neither can we - only 86 days and counting! - AETN
  • I'm thrilled to see a new episode set to air. I have already put a reminder in my phone, so I won't miss it! I love the idea of the Abominable Bride. What makes her abominable and is it only to Sherlock? Is it her personality, looks, attitude, habits, or something that only Sherlock would notice? Newly married club foot groom and abominable bride...what else could go wrong? Love this series and hope it continues and has more episodes per season for those of us starved for quality entertainment!! - Mena
  • I was just wandering if after an eye surgery will your disability go up I have gulcoma,cadiraic the va in okla has been going to do it for over two years and I need a new pair of glasses these are over eight years old I just moved here in Arkansas - Quinton88 Sexton
  • Is there going to more Doctor Blake? I just watched Season 2 Ep. 1. Where is the rest of them? clay@classicnet.net. - Clay Cross
  • Where do I make a donation to receive the DVD's - Melodye Crosland
  • My grandson loves BOB THE BUILDER we would love to WIN this birthday bash prize pack . So my grandson can grown to one day build a better world !. - helen brown
  • Whennis this show being aired? - Denise Staylor
  • chickiebrewer1@gmail.com - chickie brewer
  • Hi, Denise! While this special "PBS NewsHour Weekend" feature has already aired and isn't currently scheduled to be featured again, you can watch on our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRCracAmwYs. Following the close of our December Membership Drive on Monday, Dec. 14, "PBS NewsHour Weekend" will return to its regularly scheduled broadcasts on Saturdays and Sundays at 5:30 p.m. - AETN
  • Hello, Quinton! Thank you for contacting us with your question. While our program has already aired and we no longer have our expert guests in studio, the Arkansas Department of Veteran Affairs is an excellent resource for detailed answers to your questions. You may reach them directly at (501) 370-3820 or visit their website at www.veterans.arkansas.gov. - AETN
  • Great Show Tony - Larry Clifford
  • Your "watch now" link does not work. Please fix it. - Jack
  • Please think about putting this Paint with Kevin in a video format also. It is very helpful to see again what and how he pulls a painting together. - Loyce
  • Who played Jed's wife in episode 2? - Marvin Oppenheim
  • Excellent.Really enjoying this show - Kathy
  • As a Civil War living historian, amature historian, and lover of history in general, I am extremely disappointed in the lack of historical research that went into this program. Everything from the incorrect uniforms to the "modern" nails used in the opening scene of episode 2 tells me historical research was sub-par or non-existent. I expected a lot better from an organization such as AETN. - Joseph Musgrove
  • Chuck I've watched you my whole life even when I lived in Oklahoma. In all seriousness I'm 40 . When you retire please I want your job I work for Arkansas State Parks and we have met a couple times before and Petit Jean State Park I know alot about the state of Arkansas and I have a great love for it if there's a way for you to take applications. For you replacement when you retire I would love to be the guy but if you don't I will always enjoy you Arkansas and the natural state wouldn't be the same without you. - Jason Davidson
  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts about "Mercy Street," Kathy and Joseph. We appreciate your feedback and will share it with our Programming Department so that they may pass along the information along to PBS national. Marvin, Dr. Foster's wife is played by Betty Gilpin, who you may recognize as Dr. Carrie Roman from "Nurse Jackie." - AETN
  • Tiffany, I hope everything comes out all right, with the interview. - Drew Stephens
  • thanks for sharing this article... i can put this on my <a href="http://uk.bestessays.com">essay writing service</a> write up, thanks. - stefanie
  • Having surveyed all of the cemeteries in Faulkner County (132) I have said, thought, felt, know, and understand Hop's perspective. Definitely will watch the premier. Do you mind correcting your subtitle ... You CAN catch... and "cemetery" is spelled with all "E's". And did you mean "Comment" instead of "Commit"? Thanks. - Sondra Johnson
  • This story really touched me. I love history. I thought the segment about the children going out to the cementary and selecting a tomb stone, to search and find history about that person, was so awsome. They will always remember that and I find this so amazing that there is such a program as this. I am not from Arkansas and didn't even know these types of programs existed. This is wonderful. - Joan
  • I was so fascinated by the wealth of knowledge Ms. Burnett has about the headstones at old cemeteries. Now I find myself also wanting to visit them. I take pictures of our family graves for documented information, which may not always be correct. - Mary Dailey
  • I'm looking for more information on the young writer's contest for my two daughters. Can you post the address to send entries and also the rules that apply? Thanks! - Chass
  • PBS should be putting all their information on line next week. We apologize for the lateness. Please check back soon! - AETN
  • I am having trouble logging onto the website for more info on the book writing contest. Please post info on the entry address. Thanks! - Vern
  • We are still waiting for PBS to officially release information on this year's contest. PBS most likely has temporarily disabled user accounts until the 2012 contest begins. We will update this blog post as soon as we know something. Thanks so much! - AETN
  • Still waiting for address to send my child's book. - Vern
  • Hooray! PBS has launched the 2012 PBS KidsGo! Writers Contest. Here is a link to where you can learn more about it. http://pbskids.org/writerscontest/contest.php - AETN
  • You have more than a month to get those entries in - we can't wait to see all the wonderful stories and illustrations by April 27! Please mail yours to AETN, 350 S.Donaghey St., Conway, AR 72034. - AETN
  • When will the pictures that were taken yesterday be posted? We got a card telling us to go to flickr or facebook to view them and I have yet to see them, kinda frustrating because they made it seem that they would be uploaded shortly after the event. - Stacy C.
  • Some photos from this weekends event have been posted on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/aetntv - AETN
  • Sending a big Thank you to AETN & Mercy for bringing The Cat in the Hat to Fort Smith! My children loved it! - Leslie W.
  • Where can I go to view the pictures? - Natasha
  • Photos from our events can be seen on the AETN Flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/aetntv - AETN

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