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Early Education

AETN offers Early Education resources to Pre-K to 4 educators, students, parents and families.

Early education prepares children for success in school and life. AETN focuses on the value of early childhood education including parental involvement and school readiness geared to PreK-4. AETN offers families, educators and students the tools and resources necessary to enhance the learning environment and impact early learners so that they grow and succeed.

For resources including activities, downloads and other online tools, visit aetn.org/educators/resources.

Guiding Children Successfully

Episode 1: Effective Motivation for Children - Parental Involvement

In this AETN course, Family Life Specialist Dr. Wally Goddard discusses three ways to successfully motivate children. Goddard describes what motivation is, the problems with certain types of motivation, and how to effectively motivate children. Watch Now

Episode 2: Helping Children Use Their Gifts - Parental Involvement

In this AETN course, Family Life Specialist Dr. Wally Goddard shares with educators how high-self esteem has become more detrimental than helpful to children. Instead, he believes we should help children use their gifts. In this episode, Goddard explains three ways he believes we can achieve this. First, teachers must focus on a child's strengths because every person has a gift. Second, it is necessary to teach children that no one has every gift. Third, we all need to use our gift to help others through some kind of service. Ultimately, by using our gift to help others, our gifts will help make the world a better place and individuals' self-esteem will be raised. Watch Now

Episode 3: Parents and Teachers Working Together - Parental Involvement

This AETN course instructs teachers and parents how to work as partners to assist children. Three main points for parent and teacher cooperation are discussed and illustrated by host and Family Life Specialist, Dr. Wally Goddard. Strategies for teachers and for parents, that can help children succeed in school, are described. Negotiation skills and handling hostilities are also among the topics discussed. Watch Now