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Downton Abbey Season 1 back this Sunday, get ready for Season 2 premiering January 8!

Posted on 09 Dec 2011

Maybe you have forgotten the earl, Violet or the Crawleys?   Catch up on who’s who from the upper class fam to the Staff.  Oh, how I have missed John Bates, the patriarch’s valet….and although you can see all over his face the past pain and suffering in his life, you can only hold respect for him, not sympathy.  He quietly, and with great calm dignity, won’t allow it.  

And Lady Mary and Matthew?  Is that love I smell or is it bitter scorn?  Check Masterpiece online for your refresher course before you snuggle up this winter with Season 2 starting January 8. 

Need a sneak peek of Season 2?  Ooooh, it’s GOOOOD.  Apparently we will be taking out of the grandeur of the palace per say and taken to the fields of war, to shady doorways and all around.  Corsets tied and hats atop, let’s go!

Tune in Sunday, December 11 at 8:30 p.m. for “Downton Abbey” Season 1, Part 1 and the two following Sundays at 9 p.m. for Parts 2 and 3.  

Tune in Sunday, January 8 at 9 p.m. for the premiere of “Downton Abbey” Season 2, Part 1 and the following three Sundays at 9 p.m. for Parts 2-4.