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Arkansans Ask

  • Arkansans Ask: Vaccinations
    AETN examines the importance of vaccinations. With the upcoming flu season and the recent mumps outbreak, people are discussing which vaccinations are needed and searching for answers to questions regarding effectiveness, access and boosters.
  • Arkansans Ask: Families Left Behind
    More than 2.7 million children in the U.S. have an incarcerated parent according to a report by the Pew Charitable Trusts, 2010. Immediate or extended family members have become the caregivers of these children. "Arkansans Ask: Families Left Behind" gives voice to those affected by incarceration, including children, caregivers and advocates.
  • Arkansans Ask: Adult Education
    Adult education in Arkansas includes an array of programs that can help improve education and job readiness. A panel including staff from the Arkansas Department of Career Education will discuss these options, as well as how and where to get involved with adult learning in the state.
  • Arkansans Ask: Arkansas Department of Human Services
    This program looks at the direction and challenges of the Arkansas Department of Human Services and how they serve the state.
  • Arkansans Ask: Chronic Wasting Disease
    A panel of experts discuss Chronic Wasting Disease (CED), a neurological disease affecting Arkansas's deer and elk population.
  • Arkansans Ask; Concussions
    Panelists discuss brain-injury in youth athletics.
  • Arkansans Ask: Paying for College
    Rising education costs leave many people wondering how to afford college. A panel of experts will discuss financial aid, scholarships, loans and other assistance available to students.
  • Arkansans Ask: Highways
    Arkansans Ask: Highways features Scott E. Bennett, P.E., director of the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, discussing current highway construction projects and initiatives, as well as what the department oversees in the state.
  • Arkansans Ask: Veterans
    AETN explores veteran concerns and resources. Panelists include: Lt. Col. Matt Snead, director, Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs; retired Col. Mike Ross, chairman, board of directors for Veterans Villages of America; retired Col. Joy Leapheart, 3rd vice president, Arkansas Chapter of Military Officers Association of America; former Airman 1st Class Gina Chandler, state veterans service officer, Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs; former Petty Officer 3rd Class Tanya Brashers, president, Student Veteran Association.
  • Arkansans Ask: Cancer
    AETN addresses cancer's impact in the state, as well as current research, the importance of screenings for patients and caregivers. Immediately following the live program, AETN will air "The C Word," a drama based on a true story that illustrates the struggle against cancer.
Arkansans Ask

"Arkansans Ask" is an AETN call-in program that addresses current affairs and issues relevant to Arkansans. A host and panel of experts discuss the chosen topic, and viewers are invited to submit questions and comments. To join the discussion viewers may call 1-800-662-2386, email paffairs@aetn.org, or tweet #ARASK.

We would love to hear your suggestions for future topics to be featured on "Arkansans Ask". Please submit your ideas using the form below. Thank you!