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Arkansas Week

Watch Friday nights at 7:30 p.m. on AETN (Repeats Sundays at 11:00 a.m.)

"Arkansas Week" highlights a dedicated, distinguished group of Arkansas journalists and political scientists who discuss issues in the news.

"Arkansas Week" is hosted by Steve Barnes. Barnes has been on the air in the Natural State since 1968 when he started as a copy boy on weekends at KTHV-TV Channel 11 in Little Rock. His adept hand at leading journalists and others in a discussion of current events complements his encyclopedic knowledge of the state, its players and its past. Barnes has not only become one of the most recognizable and respected people within Arkansas, but has connected with a national audience through work published in the New York Times, fed to the Reuters news service and shown on networks ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and PBS. He has been a recipient of the University of ArkansasÂ’ journalist of the year award, as well as receiving first prize for television documentary awarded by the Society of Professional Journalists.

AETN welcomes viewers to submit suggestions for discussion topics through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Most Recent

  • Arkansas Week July 25, 2014
    (The Cost) Two courts throw a key component of health reform in question, and in Arkansas, we weigh the cost. (The Toll) Is it time to start charging drivers on I-40? And what’s the future of highway funding in the state? (The Proposal) One ballot proposal gets more time, but another draws more opposition. (The Campaign) Courting constituents on the farm as November looms.
  • Arkansas Week July 18, 2014
    (Votes) We're watching the Arkansas Senate race, but our eyes are all on Washington. (Dollars) Does Money spell Winner? (Debates) More debates but do they matter? (Revenues) Wither the lottery.
  • Arkansas Week July 11, 2014
    (Minimum Wage) Petition signatures are now being verified by the state. Will there be enough to get on the ballet? (Pryor) The incumbent senator removes footage from a campaign ad after being accused of politicizing a tragedy. (Cotton) His Republican opponent meanwhile is facing criticizism privately from those within his own party. (Session) And moving forward with the issues that brought lawmakers together last week.
  • Arkansas Week June 27, 2014
    (Session) Teacher health insurance and criminal justice - three days and cut? (E-games) In or out this time, another issue not likely to die. (IT-ussle) Another conflict, another special session? (Tea-d off) And the mood in Dixie, the Tea Party wins one but loses another.
  • Arkansas Week June 20, 2014
    (A fix?) The cost of health insurance, teachers and administrators getting antsy. (P.O.) The Arkansas adaptation, should the enrolled get ready to pay? (HRC) Twice a former first lady, thrice an author, does the latest book mean twice the candidate? (John Miller) And an appreciation of a legendary Arkansas Legislator.
  • Arkansas Week June 13, 2014
    (Runoffs)  The second primary and the victor, spotlight GOP.  (P.O.) One race in particular what will it mean for the private option and the January session.  (Schism) Will Arkansas republicans follow the regional trend?  (Premiums)  With time running short is there a way out on teacher health coverage?
  • Arkansas Week June 6, 2014
    (Tuesday) The runoff is days away, we'll have a rundown of the races. (Senate) For Democrats the long march to November isn't getting shorter. (Grass roots) Yet another attempt at medical marijuana, has anything changed? (Session?) And teacher insurance, is a solution at hand, and for how long?
  • Arkansas Week May 30, 2014
    (P.O.) Enrollment touches 170,000, how much higher? (V.A.) A health care story of a different kind, with its own political dynamic. (11/14) In the two big statewide races, on to November. (M&A) And in business, two Arkansas giants get gianter.
  • Arkansas Week May 23, 2014
    (Re-cap) The primary shakeout, and a handful of runoffs, we'll run through them. (P.O.) The private option, a first read of the January tea leaves. (Stayed) Gay marriage, what to expect after the expected stay? (Growth) And the business of Arkansas, how much bigger?
  • Arkansas Week May 16, 2014
    (Same-sex) Gay and lesbian marriage in Arkansas, it's the Supreme Court's case. (Fallout) It's a case filled with political implications, for candidates in all three branches. (Senate) An issue in another race suddenly isn't, at least to the nominees... (Judges) ...and the same court that's hearing the same-sex case ends the suspense in another.