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Shirley, Arkansas visit

Posted 01 Jun 2009

Hi there friends and viewers !  Welcome to my first blog on AETN ! Wonderful time coming up this Saturday June 6th as I pay a visit to one of my favorite Arkansas towns -- Shirley !! SALUTE !!  As they used to say on Hee Haw !

So, why am I going to Shirley you ask ?  Well, to be a part of the "Lucky Ducky Regatta" of course !  Wouldn't miss it for the world !  Things will first kick off with the Lucky Ducky parade at 2pm, which I'll also be in, followed by the regatta a tad bit later.  Who knows -- I think I may even find time to do a little fishing late afternoon/evening on Greers Ferry Lake -- maybe catch one of those lunker stripers I've always been hearing about !

So, if ya'll don't have any plans yet for this weekend, I invite you to please join me in Shirley, populatioin 337 --salute !  To say that we'll all have a "ducky" of a time, I guess..would be an understatement.  (oooh - that was bad)