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Staying Power: Helping Students Reach Graduation

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On Nov. 15, AETN, CJI and ADE partnered with key education professionals, business leaders and community leaders for an interactive workshop designed to increase dialogue about the need for more dropout prevention efforts in the state, explore the issues surrounding high school retention rates, discuss what is happening in Arkansasís schools and determine what action is needed to work toward reducing Arkansasís high school dropout rates. Topics discussed included challenges, opportunities, statistics, needs, available resources, Arkansas dropout programs and what business/community involvement means for these issues.

Approximately 80 participants, were encouraged to share their comments and questions during the day. Among the organizations represented were: Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, Arkansas Project Graduation Commission, Alternative Learning Environments, Arkansas Research Center, Star City's "Ment for You" Program, Watch Dog Dads, Junior Achievement, El Dorado Promise, AT&T "Aspire" Program, Arkansas Chamber of Commerce, State Farm Insurance, Arkansas Public Policy Panel and the "I Believe" Coalition.

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Workshop Resources

  • Exemplary Practices in Alernative Education: Indicators of Quality Programming Alternative education offers innovative, non-traditional approaches for students who are under-performing academically, possessing learning disabilities, displaying emotional or behavioral issues or displaying a high risk of potential expulsion, suspension, or dropping out of school. Forged from research on productive alternative programs and the wisdom of alternative educators, the National Alternative Education Association (NAEA) has identified and crafted ten exemplary practices in the field and are now available in this 24-page PDF document linked here. Click here to download PDF
  • Reinventing Alternative Education: An Assessment of Current State Policy and How to Improve it This report identifies seven model policy elements that states should incorporate in order to develop and improve alternative pathways for struggling students and former dropouts. Click here to download PDF
  • Workforce Report for ADHE by the Arkansas Research Center, including an Early Indicator Analysis for Arkansas The purpose of this analytics project was to identify early warning indicators of dropout for the Arkansas Public Education System. Click here to download PDF
  • Arkansas School Dropout Costs This document was prepared by the Arkansas Department of Education and the Alternative Education Unit and offers statistics and demographics relating to costs incurred by the student dropout rates in Arkansas. Click here to download PDF
  • Getting Back on the Diploma Track Ths 11-page PDF document focuses on re-engaging high school dropouts and how critical it is to the nation's future. Click here to download PDF
  • Junior Achieivement (JA) of Arkansas Fact Sheet Read more about JA of Arkansas's purpose to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Click here to download PDF
  • Junior Acheivement (JA) Scope & Sequence Learn more about the JA's Elementary, Middle and High School programs, program implementation and how to measure their "Pillars of Student Success." Click here to download PDF
  • Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the Challenges of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century This 46-page PDF document focuses on the need to develop meaningful career training as a part of comprehensive school reform. Click here to download PDF
  • Six Pillars of Effective Dropout Prevention and Recovery Six Pillars of Effective Dropout Prevention and Recovery Click here to download PDF