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You've Earned A Say on Medicare and Social Security

You've Earned a Say on Medicare and Social Security

In Arkansas, 647,077 people receive Social Security benefits, and 543,000 receive Medicare benefits, according to AARP Arkansas. Arkansans have earned the coverage, benefits, protections and guarantees of Medicare and Social Security, and these programs will face a number of challenges in the coming years, including changing demographics and rising health costs.

"Social Security and Medicare are programs of vital importance to Arkansans, who count on these programs to provide the foundation of income security and health care they need in retirement" Maria Reynolds-Diaz, AARP Arkansas State Director



  • Robert G. Romasco, National AARP President
  • Sally Johnson, Beneficiary Relations Director, Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
  • Maria Reynolds-Diaz, State Director, AARP Arkansas
This program was underwritten by the AARP Arkansas

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